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For Charging Only (No Data/No Ethernet) - 24V Power over CAT5

24V CAT5/PoE to USB Power Adapter

Convert a 24V powered CAT5/PoE cable to a plug-in USB port & power your device. (No Ethernet / No Data) [Requires 24V VidaPower Injector/Switch]

24V CAT5 Power Injector

Provide 24V max of PoE power over (2) RJ45 Ports. Works Ideal for up to (4) VidaPower Adapters.

24V High Power PoE Switch

Provide 24V via CAT5 cabling over (4) RJ45 Ports. Ideal for up to (4) VidaChargers. Not compatible w. Redpark/Lava Adapters

Plenum Rated CAT5e Cable

Safely deliver Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) in-wall using fire-rated, Plenum CAT5 cables.

VidaPower® High-Power USB-A Cables

VidaPower High-Wattage, USB to Lightning 90° Cables - 10ft (3m)

10ft, High-Wattage Lightning 90-deg power cable. Ideal for fast charging and use with 24V VidaCharger.

VidaPower High-Wattage, Reversible Micro USB Cable - 15'

15 feet, 20 gauge power wires, USB to reversible micro-USB power cable. Ideal for fast charging.