24V VidaCharger CAT5/PoE to USB Power Adapter [End of Life]

Quick Overview

    IMPORTANT: This model is end-of-life, as all current tablet/devices are now USB-C.
    Replacement model is the DataCharger™ SKU: VB_VPWR_DC_48V_ADPT
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Convert a 24V DC powered CAT5/PoE cable to a plug-in USB port & power your device. (No Ethernet / No Data) [Requires 24V DC VidaPower Injector/Switch] - [End of Life]
Simple and Powerful
You finally get your iPad, Samsung Tab, or Amazon Fire ready to mount on a wall, table or floor stand...but wait - is the nearest A/C power outlet is on the other side of the room? We can help! The VidaCharger Adapter is the "magic box" that can help bring A/C power from any outlet - right to where you need it. This small box will convert a 24V powered CAT5/PoE cable, 2+ conductor cable, or speaker wire to a powered USB port for connecting to your device's USB charging cable. Now that's pretty cool stuff!
Works with Any Wiring
Whether we have a new commercial construction with CAT5/5e/6, or we're trying to retrofit a solution in an existing home with 2 conductor cable, telephone wire, or basic speaker wire - the VidaCharger adapter can work with any wire with 2 or more conductors*!

* - Maximum resistance in total wire run should be no more than 5 Ohms.
Ready for iOS, Android,
and Most USB Devices
Ever tried charging an iOS device with an Android or generic charger (or vice versa)? You've probably noticed that it doesn't charge as fast - that's because iOS devices have different USB charging standards compared to other devices! VidaCharger adapters include built-in, integrated circuits that optimizes charging and makes sure your tablet doesn't slowly drain down to 0% due to "slow charging!"
Locate the nearest wall outlet (120-240V A/C) to your tablet mounting location. Plug in our VidaPower 24V Injector/24V Switch to the outlet, and connect a standard CAT/Ethernet cable to the appropriate port.
Next, run the powered cable to your tablet location (Supports up to 375' [115m] w. CAT5/5e/6) and connect it to the VidaCharger Power Adapter.

Finally, connect your USB charging cable to the USB port of the Adapter, run your charging cable to your device and voila - we've connected your device to an A/C outlet up to 375' away! You're good!
VidaCharger 24V CAT5 to USB Power Adapter Connection Example/Schematic
Not compatible with
Standard/48V PoE Switch
DO NOT use a regular / 48V PoE switch with our 24V VidaCharger/VidaPower combos! Otherwise, you may damage the connected iPad / tablet! Consider our Redpark adapter (for iOS/iPad devices) or the Lava adapter (for Samsung Galaxy Tabs) for use with regular / 48V PoE switches!
Option: 24V VidaPower Injector
(For 1-2 VidaChargers)
There are three ways to power your iPad, Samsung Galaxy, Amazon Fire tablet, or other USB device using our VidaCharger. One option is to use the original charging cable with A/C adapter plugged into a standard 120/240V wall outlet, which may mean installing an A/C outlet if not close enough to your project, which can require licensed electricians and permits. A faster and less expensive option is to use our VidaPower 24V injector to bring power any standard 120/240V wall outlet. Each 24V injector provides power for up to 2 VidaCharger devices. This could save the time, expense, and headaches involved with installing a new outlet! (Yes, you can thank us later!)
Option: 24V VidaPower Switch
(Ideal for 3 or more VidaChargers)
The second option is to use our VidaPower 24V switch, which comes in 4-port, 8-port, 16-port, and 24-port configurations.** 24V VidaPower Switches work just like injectors, and only uses (1) 120/240V power outlet per switch, making it ideal for high density installations where multiple VidaChargers are being used.

** - 4-port options available now. 8-port & 16-port options coming Q1 2019. 24-port options are available on special order.
Designed in the USA
We design and engineer these pieces right here in Long Island, New York. We know your tablet setup / project incorporates hundreds or even thousands of dollars in time, software and hardware - so we thought it would be best to design and engineer the best protection for your display...right here in the USA!
VidaCharger 24V to USB Power Adapter Dimensions
* Device accepts 24V power only, and outputs USB power ONLY. Does NOT provide Ethernet via the USB connection
What's in the box
VidaCharger 24V USB Power Adapter
Operating Instructions
Power Requirements
Another 24V Switch
[Not a Standard 48V PoE Switch]
Wiring Requirements
CAT5/5e/6 Ethernet Cable, or
Speaker Wire, or
Any 2-conductor Wire

Additional Information

SKU/UPC VB00000001966
HS / Harmonized Code 8504.40.7001
Net Length 2.50" [64mm] (Core) / 6.9" [175mm] (CAT5-Molex Cable)
Net Width 1.25" [32mm] (Core) / 0.8" [20mm] (CAT5-Molex Cable)
Net Height 0.75" [19mm] (Core) / 0.8" [20mm] (CAT5-Molex Cable)
Net Weight 2.6 oz [74g]
Package Length 6.00" [150mm]
Package Width 4.00" [100mm]
Package Height 0.75" [19mm]
Package Weight 2.8 oz [78g]
Other Supports 24VDC Power-over-Ethernet / Power Sources
(Charging Power Only, No Ethernet)

Up to 250' [75m] CAT5 cable length.
Supports 600' [180m] speaker length & beyond.

IMPORTANT: Input accepts DC / Direct Current only.