Modifying Vidamounts for Unsupported Tablets

Modifying Vidamounts for Unsupported Tablets

If you have technical staff or a handyman available, our VidaMount on-wall tablet enclosures or our VESA-ready tablet enclosures can be modified to fit almost any tablet on hand.

** DISCLAIMER: Any and all advice given below is provided as courtesy, and is NOT provided with any warranties, expressed or implied; nor guarantees of any kind. **

Please review the following steps / possible procedure:

1. First, review the chart of VidaMount supported tablets here:

Compare the dimensions of the non-supported tablet to those on the list, and select an enclosure that is close to or nearly matches the tablet on hand.


2. Once you have made a selection, you’ll need to make a decision to either:

- A. Use a Dremel (or other wood carving tool) to REMOVE excess plastic material, if the enclosure is too small / rectangular hole for the tablet needs to be enlarged.

- B. Using adhesive backed foam tape on the edges of the tablet and/or inside edge of the enclosure, ADD material to fill in the gap, if the existing enclosure cutout is too large


3. Next, review where the USB Charging cable / IO ports on your tablet may be. Most likely, these ports are in a different spot compared to the tablet enclosure’s existing slots. You’ll need to use a Dremel/wood carving tool to cut an additional slots, as needed.

Alternatively, if you have access to a machine shop with CNC / routing capabilities – you may wish to go this route instead, as it would provide the best results.


Here are some photos of an example of modified on-wall tablet enclosures and our VESA-ready tablet enclosures, using Dremels / CNC machines:

Here are some photos of an example of both removing and adding (a slight amount of) material to fit the tablet into a modified on-wall tablet enclosure:

If you do not feel comfortable using Dremels / CNC machines to modify the enclosure – DO NOT PROCEED.

These modifications require a certain level of technical skill – if you're still not sure how to proceed. STOP. DO NOT MODIFY ANY PARTS. Instead : It will be best to select another tablet that is on the list of supported tablets to ensure a smooth, seamless experience.