Post-Purchase - Wire Management, Screen Stay Awake, Android Guided Mode, Track Order, & more

Already ordered your VidaMount, and have some post-purchase / installation questions? Here are some answers that pop up often after an order for your matching tablet enclosure / mount has been placed, ranging from:

- How to track your VidaBox order
- USB charging cable fit / tightness questions
- How to keep a tablet awake 24/7
- How to install the VidaMount

..and more!

In short:

- All tablet enclosure orders placed on can be tracked using the TRACK ORDER feature in the upper right, or click here:

- VidaMounts, by design, fit the originally included / manufacturer supplied / OEM cable. The wire will be slightly clamped down & fixed by the enclosure - but not crushed. This helps protect the tablet's connector port from damage should the cable be yanked forcefully.

- Android tablets have a hidden feature within "Developer Mode" that allows the device to stay on beyond the default 30 minutes, when it is connected to a power / charging source.

Still need help with your installation & minor tweaks? Learn more in the articles below, or give us a ring at 844-4-KIOSKS / 516-499-5050, and we may be able to help further with your tablet kiosk / enclosure setup!

Troubleshooting Guides for PoE-USB power: