We support all (4) new iPad Pro & Air tablets that came out - click on [BROWSE BY TABLET] in the upper left to find your enclosure & order now!
We support all (4) new iPad Pro & Air tablets that came out - click on [BROWSE BY TABLET] in the upper left to find your enclosure & order now!

Is a water/weather proof, IP rated iPad / tablet mount setup what I need?

Is a water/weather proof, IP rated iPad / tablet mount setup what I need?

Looking for an IP-rated or water proof wall mount, desk/table stand, or floor stand for your iPad / tablet? Weather proof / waterproof setups may sound like a great idea, especially for setups like the below:

1. Outdoor / pop-up retail, restaurant, or Point-of-Sale (PoS)
One popular request we often get is to have an outdoor, waterproof tablet mount for a popup store or similarly temporary setup - which is getting quite popular due to COVID.

2. Indoor shower / sauna use
Another common request we get is to install an iPad inside of a shower or sauna, where there's condensing moisture and direct water exposure.

So, you probably landed on this article after your search for said waterproof cases, realizing one (or more) of the below:

A. Waterproof cases DO exist - but only for mobile applications - i.e. similar to a cell phone case... not meant for fixed wall / desk mounts / floor stands

B. There's a large number of "pouches" that allow an iPad or tablet to fit inside, with a suction cup or other hook for mounting. They are functional, but not aesthetically pleasing.

C. There really aren't any readily available / in stock / non-custom water proof iPad tablet mounts & stands, and...

D. Of the ones that are available, they are either discontinued or no longer sold, or...

E. Custom made IP-rated cases for your precise can be ordered - but at an extremely high cost to the point where it's cheaper just to get another iPad / tablet!

F. Even if we're happy with using a Waterproof mobile case, as per [A]. The problem of charging the device reliably remains unsolved, as the cable connection itself isn't water proof!

The unfortunate reality is - tablets were designed to be mobile devices, not affixed to a specific location. Because of this fact, the market for semi-permanent, fixed mounts is honestly a small, tiny fraction of the overall accessories market. What this means for the customer is that there's unfortunately going to be a very limited number of choices.

Why? 1-time non-recurring engineering (NRE) costs - i.e. the processes of designing, engineering, and creating tools to produce new models - are in the tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of dollars - and are the same whether a manufacturer makes (1), (10), (100), (1000), or (10000) pieces of a design. Thus, when you do a Google search on:

- "waterproof iPad VESA mount"

- "waterproof ipad wall mount"
...you'll find the problems mentioned above - ranging from where "the product simply isn't available / discontinued", or "the so called enclosure is really just a plastic pouch", or "the custom option is very expensive." Even if we choose one of these solutions - we still have a problem with no way of charging the tablet reliably!


So, what can be done? What are our options?
The good news is - we do have some recommendations!

First, carefully consider what your end goal is. Is the environment we're placing the iPad into going to be subject to constant water and condensing moisture? If so, something like the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active - which is MADE and engineered to be waterproof & IP-rated from the start - would be the best choice.

What if you need to use an iPad & can't use Android? Or, if our iPad tablet mount / stand is set outdoors, but only subject to occasional rain water? The answer: Consider AppleCare+ & its accidental damage coverage:
- Full details here: https://www.apple.com/support/products/ipad/

In short, with AppleCare+, you get up to two incidents of accidental damage protection every 12 months. Each incident is subject to a service fee of $49 for iPad*. Chances are - the tablet will be fine and not likely get damaged in that time frame. Why? If the iPad mount or stand will be used for outdoor retail or Point-of-Sale / PoS, consider the following:

- Are there going to be any customers roaming around using the tablets if there's a heavy downpour? Probably not - so you'll want to provide an awning / overhang that shields your customers - which will probably also cover your iPad / tablet setup - from the elements!
If we take a closer look at how our secure, VESA-ready VidaMount tablet enclosures work, we:

1. Only shows the front face / touchscreen
2. All sides / edges are covered and shielded from use
3. Since the port is covered, you can leave a charging cable connected
So, for an alternate solution to a 'waterproof' iPad / tablet setup, we recommend:

- a. Consider getting AppleCare+ with the tablet / device
- b. Use a VidaMount enclosure, since all sides / edges / ports are protected
With AppleCare+, even if the screen is damaged, cracked, or the hardware does get damaged - you are still covered!

You get NONE of these benefits with just a waterproof case + stand/mount... which may not even exist / be available to buy!


Bottom line: If the installation has non condensing-moisture, or only occasional outdoor use, combining AppleCare+ with VidaMounts provides the best value as an alternative to a truly waterproof mount, since you get wired charging, and low-cost replacements if the iPad tablet itself is damaged. Alternatively, if the tablet would be indeed facing water all the time (i.e. inside of a shower), then a weatherproof tablet such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active is likely best.

Not quite sure what to do if you have setup needing one of our VidaBox tablet mounting options / solutions? Give us a call at 844-4-KIOSKS / +1 516-499-5050 - we may have some suggestions to help meet most, if not all, of your setup's requirements!

* - Info current as of March 9, 2021, at time of writing.