New Glass Mount Vinyl Mask / Cover: The Aesthetically Appealing Way to Effectively Conceal Glass-ready VidaMount Hardware

New Glass Mount Vinyl Mask / Cover:
The Aesthetically Appealing Way to Effectively Conceal Glass Mounted Hardware

At Vidabox we are committed to making our products better, offering a wide range of solutions based on all of our customers feedback. Thanks to our customers recommendations we are proud to offer our New Glass Mount Vinyl Mask / Cover

The New Glass Mount Vinyl Mask / Cover is designed to aesthetically hide the mounting bracket, adhesives strip, suction cups, back of the enclosure, wires and any other associated mounting components. Effectively, this makes the mounted tablet kiosks look elegant and polished – regardless of which side of the glass we’re viewing it from.

Here is how the New Glass Mount Vinyl Mask / Cover works and how to install:

1) Install the Glass friendly tablet mount

Those instructions are in the packaging of your order. Once the tablet has been properly mounted, we are ready for the Glass Mount Vinyl Mask / Cover


2) Test the position of where the vinyl masking would be installed

On the glass surface, test out where the Glass Mount Vinyl Mask / Cover would be applied to. This will be directly behind the glass tablet mount - i.e. on the opposite side of the glass which the tablet was mounted on.


3) Use the Mask / Cover as a template
(Important: This step should be done with quickly once the alcohol wipe is opened).

Hold the Glass Mount Vinyl Mask / Cover up to the glass where we are expecting to install it, with the backing paper touching the glass. Open and use the alcohol wipe to mark off where the corners / edge of the backing paper end on the glass surface. (Quickly move to the next step.)

Use the alcohol wipe to clean inside the noticeably wetted areas, marked off in the previous step.
Then, use the alcohol wipe to clean off the vinyl side of the "Mask / Cover" - to remove any stray dust.


4) Apply the Glass Mount Vinyl Mask / Cover.

By the time the vinyl side of the Mask/Cover is cleaned of its dust, the glass area will likely be dry as the alcohol has evaporated (usually within 30 seconds to 1 minute). Now, it is time to apply the vinyl mask / cover. With the Vinyl side facing the glass, slowly and firmly press the Vinyl Mask / Cover on to the glass, starting from one corner, working your way outwards slowly to ensure the vinyl is as flat and bubble-free as possible. Then, peel and separate the backing paper from the back of the vinyl cover / mask.

Finally, be sure to smooth out any remaining air bubbles which may appear for a clean and polished finish.


Unique Product features

A) Removable & Reusable – No matter the reason, when or if we need to move or remove the mask / cover, it can be done. Simply peel the vinyl off the glass and store it away for next time. Or we can reinstall it on another Glass Tablet mount / conference room set up.

B) Washable and Cleanable – We can use soap and water or just water to rinse the any lint or particles which may stick to the vinyl's outside. If we drop the vinyl mask / cover before or on install and notice that it is now dirty, it can be easily washed before we attempt to install again.

C) Size Specific – The Glass Mount Vinyl Mask / Covers are generally cut to match the size of glass-ready tablet enclosure, mount or kiosk we are using this with. The vinyl should not be over or under-sized, allowing the setup to look its very best.

D) Perfectly Conceals Cables & Hardware – From behind the glass - even the darker / darkest colored components are shielded from view. No matter what color object we are trying to hide, only a mere, simple shadow is noticed from inside the conference room.

Make sure to add the Glass Mount Vinyl Mask / Cover to your next Conference Room or Glass Mounted Kiosk.