We support all (4) new iPad Pro & Air tablets that came out - click on [BROWSE BY TABLET] in the upper left to find your enclosure & order now!
We support all (4) new iPad Pro & Air tablets that came out - click on [BROWSE BY TABLET] in the upper left to find your enclosure & order now!

MCE Scotland

Case Study

MCE Scotland is an engineering firm that has been working in HVAC and energy management for over 30 years. Servicing the entire UK, they design, install, and maintain energy efficient systems in private homes, historical sites, and all business sectors. After installing 80+ of our Fixed Slim VESA Wall Mounts, we reached out to Gordon Espie to discuss the rollout of VidaBox mounting solutions.

1. How do you incorporate VidaMounts into your building energy management systems, what specific functions are the tablets serving?

"We use the VidaMounts to install tablets that display a graphical interface to give our clients real time data and alarms for their system."

By increasing the effectiveness of a building's heating/cooling system, MCE Scotland has provided savings of up to several thousand pounds. Having easy access to real time data is integral to monitoring and ensuring a system is working at peak efficiency, keeping a building comfortable and keeping energy costs down. Once implemented, the building is more eco-friendly and less costly to operate.

2. What challenges or new requirements created the need for these VidaMounts?

"The need to save time on installations. Our previous tablets required a large hole to be cut out from our Control Panel doors. Using the VidaMounts has allowed us to save time on manual labor due to the easy installation. This is especially true when installing a tablet in an existing Control Panel located on site."

MCE Scotland has done extensive work in the healthcare sector replacing outdated automation systems. Their comprehensive list of projects include working with everything from BACnet (Building Automation and Control Networks), BMS (Battery Management Systems), to close control systems within laboratories and clean rooms. As some of the equipment involved can be mission critical to these hospitals, having a quick installation process that minimizes downtime is paramount.

"VidaBox’s large range means we can easily change tablet type without any issues."

3. What made you choose VidaBox as compared to other companies; Were there any specific functionality or aesthetic requirements your team was looking for?

"We chose VidaBox due to the wide range of options you have and also the look of the mount. We’ve had issues before when a tablet manufacturer has updated the model and changed the specifications so it wouldn’t fit the mounts we had sourced. VidaBox’s large range means we can easily change tablet type without any issues."

In the education sector, MCE Scotland provides building automation systems. They also assist with onsite training to ensure the staff can operate the provided software after installation. With this eye towards future-proof, comprehensive solutions, they need hardware as flexible as they are.

4. Has there been any feedback from your installers or customers on using the VidaMounts?

"Installers have commented on the ease of installation. Customers are very happy with the look of the mounts."

MCE Scotland employs experienced installers and technicians. They work in a wide range of installation sites in the private sector from new-builds to ancient Scottish castles. Working in these historic sites can require extra care to avoid damaging the sensitives artifacts inside. Their BACnet systems includes temperature and humidity control aimed at preservation.

MCE Scotland has been deploying our VidaMount Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 10.5" Black Enclosure w. Fixed Slim VESA Wall Mount. See that solution here: https://www.vidabox.com/kiosks/vidamount-secure-fixed-wall-samsung-galaxy-tab-a8-10-5-tablet-enclosure-mount-black.html