Top 3 'Best Practices' for tablet based kiosk projects with VidaMounts

Top 3 'Best Practices' for tablet based kiosk projects with VidaMounts

In any new design or implementation, there are always best practices to follow - and the same is true for tablet based kiosks, mount setups, and installations. To prevent and minimize expensive mistakes, or outright failure & inability to deliver a working VidaMount setup, we recommend following these (3) "best practices!"

First, start with the mount selection / type of enclosure that would affix / secure the tablet. Many customers we encounter start off by purchasing a tablet that they see on discount (usually in an effort to save on cost), then expect to find a mounting solution for it later on. Unfortunately, they are often unpleasantly surprised when they start realizing that there are no tablet mounts available on the market that looks nice and sleek, and/or provides the security/theft deterrence features that they need.

The unfortunate, simple fact is - there are a far greater number of tablet models out in the market, than there are tablet mounting options. Thus, unless we are ordering a popular tablet and need an iPad mount, Samsung Galaxy Tab mount, Microsoft Surface tablet mount, or Amazon Fire tablet mount (i.e. if we are NOT starting with one of these top models) - it's very easy to 'get stuck' with a tablet that you can't find a suitable mount for - and thus, we'd have to return it or compromise in our setup. Believe it or not, this is one of the most common problems we encounter, even though VidaMounts already encompass and support the most popular tablets on the market. Saving on cost is important, but choosing to purchase a tablet on sale to save a few bucks is really start off on the wrong foot.


Second - don't forget power! Since tablet mounts are still a relatively new concept, we've noticed that power is often one of the last considerations. Options like moving the tablets to plug them in during off hours is certainly possible, or using nearby wall plugs can certainly work - but inevitably, someone will forget to plug the tablets in overnight - causing a major problem the next day, or when using nearby plugs, there's now an unsightly, dangling cable that may even cause a tripping hazard.

So - what can we do? Running new electrical wire and using a recessed gangbox is certainly doable, but can get expensive if a licensed electrician and permits are required. This makes options like CAT5-based or PoE solutions a great fit. Best of all - because CAT5/PoE cables are considered low-voltage, there's no need to use a licensed electrician or to get permits - slashing the cost of powering each setup! The key is to make sure the wires are run well in advance of installation, especially if the setup is a part of a new construction (when wire runs are pennies per foot) instead of doing so at the last minute (when wire run costs increase to dollars per foot)! The jump in pricing is due to increased labor costs due to needing to run new wire in an already existing wall - so it's best to plan ahead!


Lastly - make sure the app we are looking to deploy is tested and used extensively on the tablet of choice before committing to the brand/model + matching tablet mount. This is especially important in mass deployments, where some locations are using a different / smaller sized tablet is used, due to space constrains.

Reason: Even though different tablets may be a part of the same "family of tablets" - the internal hardware, browser software (if not using a dedicated app), or other differences may cause unexpected performance issues. Furthermore, some tablets are just more robust in terms of being app crash resistant (i.e. can run longer without a reboot) - while others are not.

If reliability is key - then make no assumptions that an app will run as expected - definitely do an extended amount testing ahead of time to verify and confirm that the setup is indeed reliable. This is especially true if we are running the same app on different tablets / models.


Need more help in making sure that you're getting the best possible tablet-based kiosk setup for your needs? Give VidaBox a ring at 844-4-KIOSKS / 516-499-5050, and we'd be happy to help go through your application, and recommend the best fitting VidaMount plus the most reliable charging solution!