Identify Samsung Galaxy Tab tablets : To guarantee fit w. VidaMount tablet enclosures

Samsung has perhaps one of the most vague (and confusing) tablet naming conventions (fully discussed and dissected here) - and worse, unlike iPad tablets, historically, every single Samsung Galaxy Tab tablet ever made has ALWAYS been a different size than its predecessor - making it that much more important that we correctly identify the Samsung tablet we have. It's the only way we can properly pair them with our custom-fitted, VidaMount tablet enclosures & be 100% sure everything is a match!

First, be sure to have the Galaxy Tab handy - then follow these steps to quickly ID the Galaxy Tab:

1) Take a look on the BACK of the Samsung Galaxy tablet

2) Now, look towards the BOTTOM, where there is a group of small, fine-etched text.
(Sample picture below)

3) The Samsung Galaxy Tab model number is etched in very small font, starting with the letters "SM", followed by a dash "-", a letter (either T or P), and 3 numbers (e.g. SM-T123). An example picture is below, shown as SM-T380.

4) Find this number, then enter this model number into Google + search.
Step-by-step is shown here:

5) Now, we'll know EXACTLY which Samsung Galaxy Tablet we have, so we can see which of our VidaMount tablet enclosures can fit! (Hint: Use the BROWSE BY TABLET link in the upper left of the website!)

Still not sure how to ID your Samsung Galaxy Tab? DO NOT ASSUME / GUESS! Chat with us online, send us an email, or call 844-4-KIOSKS / +1 516-499-5050 - and our experts here at VidaBox would be happy to assist and make sure we properly identify your tablet, guarantee a fit, so that we can help eliminate unnecessary returns / swaps later for your tablet kiosk setup!