iPad Cables' Tight Fit inside VidaMount Enclosures

Using Original Apple Charging Cables with VidaBox Enclosures

Every VidaMount enclosure is GUARANTEED to always fit with the original Apple charging cables that came with your device! Please see photos below!

Our design intentionally creates a strong bend in the charging cable which:

- Keeps the power cord firmly connected to the tablet
- If the cable is pulled too hard, only the cord is damaged (which is cheap to replace) - NEVER the iPad port itself (which is an expensive repair!)
By compressing the cable against the enclosure, we make sure that the cord stays in place. If no motion is possible, the life of the cable will OUTLAST the iPad itself!

During your installation, there may be questions on if significantly bending the cables to fit inside the enclosure is safe - which is why we created this library to show exactly how the cords bend / what they will look like to keep your iPad consistently and safely charged!

iPad Pro 12.9"
Gen 3, 4 & 5
iPad Mini 6
iPad 10.2
iPad Pro 9.7"
Air 1 & 2
iPad Pro 10.5
Air 3
iPad Mini 1, 2 & 3
iPad Mini 4 & 5

For further details, please see our blog post The Basics of Wire Management: A Tight Fitting Cable