Identify iPad / iOS tablets : To guarantee fit w. VidaMount tablet enclosures

At the time of writing (Sept 2020), there are over twenty-two (22) different iPad models, many with varying sizes - making it absolutely critical that we correctly identify the iPad to guarantee a match with our custom-fitted VidaMount tablet enclosures!

To get started, have the iPad we are trying to identify on hand. Follow these steps to quickly ID the iPad:

1) Take a look on the BACK of the iPad

2) Now, look towards the BOTTOM, where the USB connector is small, fine-etched text.
(Sample picture below)

3) The iPad's model number is etched in very small font here, starting with the letter A + followed by 4 numbers (e.g. A1234) An example picture is below, shown as A1395.

4) Find this number, then enter this model number & either:
- Option A) Search for it on Google - shown step-by-step here:
- Option B) See this Apple article on "Identify your iPad Model" here:

5) Either way, you'll then know EXACTLY which iPad you have, and we can look at which VidaMount tablet enclosure would be the best possible fit.

Having problems identifying your iPad model? DON'T GUESS! Chat with us online, send us an email, or call 844-4-KIOSKS / +1 516-499-5050 - and our VidaBox experts would be happy to help walk through the ID process to guarantee a fit, while we help eliminate an unnecessary return / swap later for your tablet kiosk setup down the line!