How come VidaBox doesn't offer any 'lockable' VidaMounts with keys?

How come VidaBox doesn't offer any 'lockable' VidaMounts with keys?

One common request we usually get asked is:
"Does VidaBox offer any iPad / tablet mounts or stands with a lock?"

Usually, this question is posed due to a security requirement, where the tablet should remain fixed to prevent unauthorized removal - but the device itself needs to be taken out from time to time.

While having a lock is good idea in theory - in reality, locks are, unfortunately, quite vulnerable. Don't just take this statement from us - here are some facts to consider, backed by independently verifiable sources - that you NEED to educate yourself on BEFORE deciding on a tablet enclosure 'protected' by a lock:

Fact 1. Most locks can be picked in seconds
Mechanical locks and keys have been around for millennia, and their vulnerabilities are well documented. Even a simple Youtube search will show how easy it is to defeat common locks - in SECONDS:

- YouTube Search: "Pick Lock in Seconds"
Now that there's an understanding of how vulnerable locks are, let's ask ourselves the following:

- What are some common, high value kiosks, that have been used by millions everyday for decades? [and]
- How are these devices secured and protected from tampering & theft?
The answer? The Automatic Teller Machines (or ATMs, for short).

Fact 2. Modern ATMs don't use just a single lock - they require tools & screwdrivers w. multiple points of access

If we're setting up a new tablet based kiosk with security in mind, then what better way than looking at how ATMs are designed and protected? i.e. Why re-invent the wheel when there's already a proven model we can emulate for security?

If you've ever seen an ATM get serviced, you'll realize that the multiple 'Points of Access' are typically protected by multiple fasteners, screws, or other physical hardware - not just a single lock. Typically, these are specialty screws with tamperproof heads, which can only be removed by power tools with matching bits or drivers. To make an analogy with the 'Lock and Key' idea that we started with:

- The Lock: Multiple tamperproof screws - at different, multiple points
- The Key: A matching bit / screw driver
You may be wondering:
- Isn't it still vulnerable if someone jury-rigs or finds a matching tool?
Technically yes - but also consider one more fact...

Fact 3. There's no such thing as a 100% theft-proof design -
all systems can only be designed as theft deterrent as possible.

Say if someone were to get access to the matching tool (key) to access the ATM - or in our case - our secure VidaMount. If they were to attempt to now steal the device - there isn't a single screw (lock) / point of access. Rather - there are at least (4) points of access & multiple areas to decouple - slowing down the thief and making this far more complex.

If the item is placed in a location with staff / people around, then any attempt to remove the device would be immediately noticeable - thus scaring off / eliminating the most common, opportunistic thieves. Why? Unlike a lock that can only takes seconds to bypass, it will take several minutes to unlock / remove our protected tablet.

This is the core essence of why our secure VidaMount designs offer what we call "ATM-grade" security. In short, to 'succeed' in stealing tablet, the thief would need to:

- approach the target at least once to figure out matching bit/driver size
- leave the scene to order / fashion / jury-rig a matching tool
- hide hand / power tools on approach to the VidaMount
  (Requires 2nd visit if a tool couldn't be jury rigged on the same, 1st visit)
- de-couple / by pass at least (4+) points of access
- do this all quickly enough not get caught

All of this effort is generally not worthwhile for most thieves, since most also realize that stolen tablets can be remotely locked down, after the owner realizes that it's been stolen. Ultimately, VidaMount's "ATM grade" security allows your iPad / tablet mounts and stands to still look and remain elegant, while limiting the risk and headaches of dealing with theft and unauthorized removal.

In the end, while 'locks' are a good idea in theory, they can't be 100% relied on to actually protect your tablet - as it only prevents easy tablet removal, and defeatable by thieves in seconds. Instead, by choosing VidaMounts for your iPad / tablet mounts and stand setups, you can enjoy multiple points of hardware protection via screws & bits/drivers with optional tamper resistant protection.

To learn how VidaMounts can work to protect and showcase your iPad tablet, chat with us online, or give us a call at +1 516-499-5050 - and we'd be happy to review the best options to securely display your tablet stand / mount for use an interactive kiosk!