Tips, Recommendations, & Best Practices on Various Tablet Mount Usage Scenarios

Now that we've identified and selected the ideal tablet for our setup, the next step is to decide where we would be mounting the device. Once a suitable mounting location is determined, we can then find a protective enclosure that can also act as the:

- tablet's wall mount
- iPad / tablet desk / tabletop mount
- tablet glass mount
- iPad / tablet floor stand, or
- iPad / tablet VESA-ready enclosure (which can be used with any VESA 100x100 mount)

With each of these mounting locations, a number of possible tablet mounting options are usually available. They generally differ in:

- Removability / Security: Does the design allow a user to remove / pop out the iPad / tablet from its mount?
- Adjustability: Is the iPad / tablet mount design fixed? Or, can it be turned / rotated / twisted?
- Portability: Can the mounted setup / kiosk be moved around? Or, is it permanently affixed into a single location?

Once we know the answers to where we are mounting it, and the 3 criteria above, we can easily determine the best mounting option for our needs! Here's how we recommend proceeding:

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- VESA 100 ready enclosures for iPads & tablets

First, consider security - most VidaMounts are secure by design, and are designated in the lower right hand corner, as shown below.

Second, do we need the mount to be adjustable? If so, looking for a design that mentions "tilting / rotating / flexible" as one of the descriptors in the name of the mount.

Lastly, do we need to move the item at will / move the complete kiosk assembly at any time? If so, look for the PORTABLE tag. The example below shows a design that is both PORTABLE & SECURE - which means it has a variable configuration.


Looking for further assistance? Take a look and learn more in our detailed articles below, or simply chat with one of our experts at 844-4-KIOSKS / +1 516-499-5050, and we'd be happy to help pick out the best fitting tablet enclosure & mount for your unique setup!

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