Modifications & Customizations : Create your very own iPad, Samsung Galaxy, Microsoft Surface, or Amazon Fire Tablet Mount!

VidaMount tablet enclosures and matching mounts are design to serve a wide range of common and most popular scenarios, such as:

- Tablet wall mounts
- iPad / Tablet desk mounts
- Glass Mounts for Tablets
- Floor stands for iPads / Tablets
- VESA ready tablet enclosures

While our VidaBox tablet mounts do cover the gamut, it's simply not possible to provide cover every conceivable scenario and have matching products available - and that's where a 3rd party installer or integrator would step in with customization services.

In cases where a specialized modification or customization is needed, many professional installers and handymen typically offer these options - below are some basic guides & info on some of the most common iPad / tablet mount modifications and customizations that we get asked about, and are implemented in the field!

Looking for something truly unique? Take a gander at the articles below, chat with VidaBox, or give us a ring at 844-4-KIOSKS / +1 516-499-5050, and we can help you get started on choosing the correct tablet enclosure / mount - which allows your installer, integrator, or handyman to finish up the final customizations as easily as possible!