[Troubleshooting Guide] 24VDC VidaCharger [to] 4-Port VidaPower Switch

24VDC VidaCharger [adapter] + 4 port VidaPower [switch]

No or intermittent power

The 24VDC VidaCharger can only provide a max of 12.5W from a nominal 15W 24VDC power source. This means that only micro-USB, Lightning, and standard USB devices are supported. iPad Tablets with USB-C typically require 25+W of power, and would NOT be supported nor by the 12.5W VidaCharger. Only Samsung Galaxy Tabs (2021 or prior) with USB-C can be powered by a 24VDC VidaCharger.

** Please follow the troubleshooting procedures & steps below: **

A. Is the Power LED on the 4-port switch on?
- If the LED is not on, check to make sure the outlet has power
i.e. check to see if the outlet is controlled by another wall switch or surge protector

- Double check the AC cord going into the 4-port switch's power supply brick. The cord may APPEAR to be properly connected, but it may in fact be loose / not connected.

If the Power LED light is on, proceed to [B]

B. Change the USB cable from the tablet/device to the adapter

Reason for this step:
Even if a cable is brand new, there's always the rare off-chance that one of the pins on the cable is mis-wired / damaged. A quick cable swap will eliminate that possibility.

If the symptom persists, proceed to [C]

C. Temporarily disconnect the CAT5/5e/6 cable going into the [switch], and plug it into another free / open port.

If there are no free / open ports - temporarily swap the CAT5/5e/6 cable from another port.

In either case able, this will allow us to test and see if the port itself is faulty.

If the symptom persists, proceed to [D]

D. Swap the CAT5/5e/6 cable between the [adapter] and [switch] temporarily
Ideally, use a short run, machine made (i.e. not hand crimped) cable. Test for power / charging again.

Reason for this step:
If the CAT5/5e/6 cable has a defect, such as:
- Bad / broken pair (i.e. 3 of 4 pairs / not all 4 pairs are connecting)
- Incomplete / improper hand crimped connector
While the a bad/broken pair may be discoverable using a CAT5 testing tool, an incomplete / improper crimp can be trickier to find - which is why we recommend a machine crimped cable for temporary testing.

If the symptom persists, proceed to [E]

E. If the above (3) steps have been troubleshooted and the issue persists:
- Next step is to REPLACE the VidaCharger with a new unit.
- If there's a spare / other units available, please SWAP the VidaCharger temporarily, to identify if the part is faulty.
- If there's no spare / other units available, please contact VidaBox to check the item's warranty status and next steps to order / get a replacement unit.

### END 24VDC VidaCharger [adapter] + 4 port VidaPower [switch] ###