Why choose VidaMounts for mounting iPad, Samsung Galaxy, & Windows Surface tablets onto glass?

Why choose VidaMounts for mounting iPad, Samsung Galaxy, & Microsoft Surface tablets onto glass?

One of the most difficult scenarios when mounting tablets is a glass installation. Unlike traditional surfaces like walls and desks, simply drilling onto the glass doesn't work as it would shatter the glass, and drilling onto door jambs may not be possible as it permanently damages the door jamb, and often requires custom fitted / sized hardware for a clean, neat look.

As an option, VidaBox does provide VidaMount tablet enclosures that can be directly adhered onto glass, using either:

1. For a permanent solution, our bonding strip kits affix our fixed slim tablet wall mounts onto the glass wall at a specific location. It cannot be removed without tools - such as blades, knives, etc. This is ideal for permanent or semi-permanent setups like offices, commercial buildings, and other public locations.

2. For a temporary, easily removable tablet glass mounts, we also provide suction cup kits that fit into our fixed slim glass mounts or tilting glass mounts - which are secure enough to affix any iPad, Samsung Galaxy, & Windows Surface tablet onto glass, but are very easily removable. This is great for temporary setups like tradeshows, exhibition booths, pop-up retail shops / restaurant where security isn't a big focus, but ease of setup and "breakdown" are far more important.


Not sure which of our glass-friendly tablet mounts would work best for your setup? Give us a ring at 844-4-KIOSKS / 516-499-5050, and our application engineers can help narrow down the best hardware that we can provide for your setup!