You Don't Need To Use the Buttons on Your iPad!

How Apple's AssistiveTouch Feature Makes VidaMounts Even More User-Friendly

With Apple's AssistiveTouch you can access any feature directly from the touchscreen. This makes it easy to restart, lock, or adjust the volume on your iPad without removing the front face plate of your On-Wall Slim Mount or VESA Ready Enclosure. Use your wall mounted home-automation control panel, hands-free music player, or voice assistant while keeping the front bezel in place for a sleek aesthetic and effortless user experience.

Initially engineered as an accessibility accommodation, AssistiveTouch can be used in place of any physical button, motion sensor, or onscreen gesture. This allows you to customize the way you access and use different features on your iPad, greatly increasing its functionality while it is being displayed in one of our mounts! Try using the Custom Actions feature, which will allow you to make a single-tap, double-tap, or long press stand in for any of the tablet's physical buttons. For example, you can set a single-tap to increase the volume, or a double-tap to enter sleep mode!

To Turn On AssistiveTouch, simply Click On:

[1] Settings -> [2] Accessibility -> [3] Physical and Motor, Touch

[4] AssistiveTouch -> On

. . . or just ask Siri!

Once AssistiveTouch is activated a grey icon will appear on your touchscreen. Simply tap on the icon to open the AssistiveTouch menu, and tap anywhere else on the screen to close it. You can click and drag this icon to your preferred place on the peripheral of the screen. We recommend choosing a location that is not already a button on the app or website for which you are using the tablet.

These menu options can be further customized so you can streamline your menu to display only the controls you actually use!
Navigate back to the AssistiveTouch Settings page and click on [5] Customize Top Level Menu.

This will take you to the following menu screen. Here you can add up to (8) icons that will become accessible when you click on the grey circle to open the AssistiveTouch menu. Each icon can be set to perform a specific task, such as increasing or decreasing the volume or locking the screen.

Back on the AssistiveTouch Settings page you can also set [6] Custom Actions to trigger features on your iPad like adjusting the volume, returning to the Home Screen, and more. When these Custom Actions are performed on the grey circle, they trigger the features. For example, if you set double-tap to bring you to the Home Screen then double-tap on the grey circle, it will take you to the Home Screen. A double-tap anywhere else on the screen will not take you to the Home Screen. Essentially, Custom Actions give you a way to trigger the feature faster than first clicking the grey circle and then choosing from the menu.

If you want to have quick access to more than one feature, be sure to keep single-tap set to open the AssistiveTouch menu. Otherwise the menu becomes inaccessible and you have to go back through [1] Settings -> [2] Accessibility -> [3] Physical and Motor, Touch -> [4] AssistiveTouch to reset it. Just looking to use one feature? Use only the single tap Custom Action for fastest speed.

See Apple Support's article on AssistiveTouch here.