VidaMount Compatibility - Samsung Galaxy Tab Naming Explained

VidaMount Compatibility - Samsung Galaxy Tab Naming Explained

When choosing which VidaMount we would like to use to build a kiosk, digital signage, or interactive display with Samsung Galaxy Tablets, there are a lot of different options to choose from – and it can be a little overwhelming!

Admittedly - it’s not easy with Samsung’s somewhat confusing naming system, so here’s a quick guide to understanding & identifying which tablet we have exactly!

With Samsung tablets, note that their tablets have (4) distinct portions for a model name:

1: Galaxy Tab Family / Model
2: General screen size
3: Model year
4: S-Pen (most do not have S-Pens)


For example, here’s a tablet size for one of our enclosures:
Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1, 2016 Model

So, any enclosures for this tablet is ONLY compatible with model: SM-T580 (2016 model), which is the model number for the above.

The enclosure would NOT be compatible with any other models, such as:
– GT-P7510 (first gen Tab 10.1, not a Tab A 10.1)
– SM-T530 (Tab 4 10.1, not a Tab A 10.1)
– SM-T515 & SM-T510 (these are Tab A 10.1, but are 2019 models)

Important Note: The screen size at the end of the model has NOTHING TO DO WITH THE FIT! The entire description MUST match.


If you’re still not sure which tablet we are looking at, please feel free to get in contact with VidaBox at 844-4-KIOSKS / +1 516-499-5050!

Whether you have a picture or a link to the tablet you’ll be getting – let us know BEFORE purchasing, and we'll be more than happy to help you double-check and verify the tablet - so we can confirm compatibility with our Samsung Galaxy tablet mounts and enclosures!