Pre-Purchase - Identifying your tablet, Special Glass Add-ons, Shipping Info, & More

This section is dedicated towards streamlining your purchase and installation process for your tablet mount - and avoiding common problems and reasons for return, such as:

- Fit Issues: The correct enclosure style was ordered, but in the wrong tablet size.

- Looks: Everything works and installs as expected, but the aesthetics look lacking

- Charging Issues: Can't figure out a way to mount the tablet and keep it charged 24/7

- Shipment stuck at Customs: International customers need to be aware of import duties / taxes, which are levied by local governments - not VidaBox!

To prevent these easily solvable issues, please be sure to review the articles below for more information, or give us a call at 844-4-KIOSKS / 516-499-5050, so that we can get you the iPad / tablet mount & enclosure that matches you best!

Minimize headaches w. fit, incompatibility, power / charging, or even international shipping & importing your tablet enclosure setup by reviewing the articles below: