[Troubleshooting Guide] Tablet Drip Charging when Connected to PoE++ Switch

48V VidaPower Ultra 4-Port PoE++ 802.3bt Ethernet Switch

Tablet is drip charging, or not being fully powered.

** Please follow the troubleshooting procedures & steps below: **

A. Check and ensure there are NO patch panels, intermediaries, or other items that can cause increased resistance in the CAT5 line.

Reason for this step:
As per the PoE spec, maximum line resistance should be no more than 20 Ohms.
Intermediaries will significantly increase resistance - which causes energy loss in the form of a voltage drop - which may explain why the charging adapters are NOT providing sufficient wattage.

B. Check the maximum power output of the PoE switch's power transformer itself, which may be limiting the total output.

Reason for this step:
If a 60W power transformer is kitted with an 8-Port PoE switch, then each port may be limited to an effective output of 60W total.
Using all (8) ports may lead to just an average of 60W / 8 ports = <10 Watts per port - which can lead to the battery draining over time, OR the switch shutting itself off altogether for safety.