We support all (4) new iPad Pro & Air tablets that came out - click on [BROWSE BY TABLET] in the upper left to find your enclosure & order now!
We support all (4) new iPad Pro & Air tablets that came out - click on [BROWSE BY TABLET] in the upper left to find your enclosure & order now!

About Us | VidaBox Kiosks

Our Company

VidaBox LLC. is a privately held, diversified electronics manufacturer, assembler and distributor headquartered in Plainview, New York, USA. Founded in 2005, our company has a history of creating innovative and award-winning AV products, servers, tablet enclosures, frames, and assorted power solutions.

With the advent of the iPad and other portable tablets, we now develop and market our line of tablet solutions under the VidaMount and VidaPower brands.

What We Do

Today - VidaBox | Kiosks manufacturers assorted high quality tablet enclosures, frames, mounting options and power solutions, under the VidaMount and VidaPower brands, for both commercial and residential markets.

Our goal is to bring you cutting edge design, utilizing the latest manufacturing techniques and highest quality materials, at a price that still provides you the best value possible.

Our Vision

From Point-of-Sale (POS) solutions, to unique customization options, to engineering the best enclosures for the latest tablets, VidaBox | Kiosks, will always strive to develop the very best products and solutions to help support your digital information projects.

We will continue to evolve our offering to match the ever increasing number of tablets on the market each year. We foresee the growth, driven by the overwhelming acceptance of tablet hardware and software, and we are thoroughly committed to supporting this market.

WEEE Compliance

VidaBox LLC is committed to meeting the requirements of the European Union (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) Regulations 2014. These Regulations require producers of electrical and electronic equipment to finance the takeback of WEEE resulting from products that we place on the EU market. This helps us to ensure that WEEE is reused or recycled safely. In line with that commitment VidaBox LLC will take back WEEE from you. Send for safe disposal. Please contact us for details.

You also have a role to play in ensuring that WEEE is reused and recycled safely. So, if you choose not to return WEEE to us then you should not dispose of it in your bin. The crossed out wheeled-bin symbol on the product reminds users not to dispose WEEE in the bin. You should ensure that the WEEE is collected separately and sent for proper treatment. WEEE contains hazardous substances and if not managed and treated safely it can cause pollution and damage human health.*

* - Applies to VidaPower®, VidaCharger®, and DataCharger® branded products

EU Registration Numbers

Austria / No: [Pending]
Czech Republic / Contract Number: RTL/2024-10
Denmark / No: DK-0010259
Finland / No: 593835356
France / No: A15894
Germany / No: [Pending]
Ireland / No: 3719
Italian / AEE (D.lgs. 49/2014): IT24020000015708
Netherlands / Company ID: RL00044135
Poland / No: 593835356
Portugal / No: [Pending]
Slovakia / Company ID : US593835356,
  - Contract Numbers: 1258/2024/KE, 1000/2024/KO
Spain / No: 12728
Sweden / Corporate Identifier Number: 3323093
UK / Registration ID: 700072 (2024-2026)