Charge iPad / Tablet using existing, nearby 100-240V wall outlets - Traditional & recessed power options

Charge iPad / Tablet using existing, nearby 100-240V wall outlets:
Traditional & recessed power options

Mounting a tablet, and have a 120-240V power outlet nearby? We may be able to use that as a power source with a minimum of new wiring!

First - identify how far away the power outlet is. Generally speaking, any outlet within reach of a cable can be used. Here's a quick chart of maximum cable lengths, depending on the type of cable:

  • Cable Type : Distance
    Lightning : 10 feet [3m]
    MicroUSB : 15 feet [4.5m]
    USB-C : 10 feet [3m]

Important: When using an already long cable, NEVER use an extension cord (e.g. an additional male-to-female cable) to extend the cable. Reason: The power / voltage coming in on the 1st input would drop too much if an additional extension is added - then your charging power source wouldn't charge your tablet (at best) or the additional resistance can generate a heat build up, and damage your tablet / wall charger (at worst).

Pro-tip: Looking for a long, high quality cable that natively fits into our VidaMounts? We have the answer!

Second, is the power outlet located high / tall enough so that we can place our VidaMount right on top?

- If not, use one of the long cables mentioned above, and run it along the wall from the mount / to the plug. To keep wiring neat, you may want to use either:

On the other hand - if the outlet is sufficiently tall enough where we can place our mount right on top, consider hiring an electrician (or other licensed professional), and install a recessed power outlet with a native USB output! Here are some pictures of what these finished setups can look like:

For more info on the parts / components needed for a recessed power outlet, please consult an electrician or other licensed contractor, as they would be able to provide you with the best recommendations that meet your local electrical codes!


Have a unique scenario that the above doesn't quite cover? Give us a call or send us an email - and let us know how we can help!