VidaPower High-Wattage, USB to Lightning 90° Cables - 10ft (3m)

Quick Overview

10ft, High-Wattage Lightning 90-deg power cable. Ideal for fast charging and use with 24V VidaCharger.
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True Apple Compatibility
VidaPower cables are manufactured with genuine, Apple-approved components to ensure compatibility and true, reliable performance. It's the ideal replacement for any standard / OEM Apple included cable!
High Wattage + Long Distance
Even at a 3m, ~10 feet distance, this VidaPower Lightning cable is designed to carry the full amperage and power needed to drive and charge the latest iPads and other lightning based devices, without skipping a beat!
Compact, Durable Strain Relief
A longer cable length doesn't mean the design comes with a bulkier strain relief like most other 3rd party cables. This VidaPower Lightning cable comes with properly designed strain relief to handle normal, every-day use expected with VidaMounts, without compromising on size.
Fits VidaMounts Perfectly
Unlike many 3rd party cables that have huge, bulky strain reliefs, VidaPower Lightning Cables are designed to fit all matching iPad-ready VidaMount tablet enclosures. Simple, easy plug-n-play - enjoy!

Additional Information

Part Number VB_CBL_USB_LTNG90_30
UPC 840014208883
HS / Harmonized Code 8544.42.2000
Supported Distance 10 feet long (Inclusive of connectors)
Net Length 10 feet [3.048m]
Net Width 0.60" [15.2mm]
Net Height 0.33" [8.3mm]
Net Weight 7.1 oz. [201g]
Package Length 7.5" [190mm]
Package Width 6.5" [165mm]
Package Height 0.75" [19mm]
Package Weight 7.2 oz. [204g]
Other USB to Lightning Connection
Designed with low resistance / gauge wiring for High-Wattage Charging