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Power only (No Ethernet / No Data) · PoE to USB-C
For Apple iPad / Samsung / Windows USB-C Tablets

48V VidaCharger Ultra 2 : USB-C Power Adapter

From   $88.99
Convert a 48VDC powered, 802.3bt/at compliant PoE power source into a USB-C port, to plug-in & power your USB-C device.

48V VidaPower Ultra: CAT5/PoE Power Injector

From   $87.99
Injects 48V DC power into a CAT5/5e/6 wire. Supports up to 50W maximum power. Output is 802.3bt PoE standard compliant. Ideal for use with 48V VidaCharger Ultra.

High Power PoE++ Switch

From   $169.99
Provide 60W per PoE++ port, 240W power over (4) RJ45 Ports. Ideal for up to (4) VidaCharger Ultra Adapters. Passes both Power and Data / Ethernet

VidaPower High-Wattage, USB-C to 90° USB-C Cables

From   $16.49
High-Wattage USB-C to USB-C power cable. Ideal for fast charging and use with 48V VidaCharger Ultra

Plenum Rated CAT5e Cable

From   $12.09
Safely deliver Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) in-wall using fire-rated, Plenum CAT5 cables.