VidaPower High-Wattage, USB-C Cables - 5ft (1.5m)

Quick Overview

5-feet, High-Wattage USB-C to USB-C power cable. Ideal for fast charging and use with 48V VidaCharger Ultra

Length of Cable
16inches   5feet   10feet

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High Wattage / Fast Charging
This cable is designed to provide the fastest, high power charging available to your connected device. Ideal for iPad Pros, the latest Samsung Galaxy, Windows Surface, and other devices!
Perfect for VidaCharger Ultra
& PoE Charging
Available in lengths of 16-inches (40cm), 5-feet (1.5m), or 10-feet (3m), this cable is the perfect length for use with our VidaCharger Ultra & VidaPower Ultra - not too long, not too short - just RIGHT!
Compact strain Relief
No need to sacrifice looks for great charging performance. Our intelligently designed strain relief provides this durable cable great longevity, while powering any tablet perfectly for long term performance.
Fits VidaMounts Perfectly
Need a longer cable than the OEM Apple/Samsung/Microsoft cable - but the one you have doesn't fit into the VidaMount? This is the answer. It's perfectly engineered to fit with our list of supported USB-C tablets' on-wall or VESA-ready VidaMounts.
USB-C 3.1 Gen 1 Compatible
Beware of cables made to lesser, older specs! For the highest performance, this USB-C VidaPower cable is made to the latest USB-C 3.1 specifications. Get the absolute best for tablet/device - with NO compromises!


Part Number VB_CBL_USBC_USBC90_15
UPC 840014208036
HS / Harmonized Code 8544.42.2000
Supported Distance 5 feet long (Inclusive of connectors)
Net Length 5 feet [1.524m]
Net Width 0.60" [15.2mm]
Net Height 0.33" [8.3mm]
Net Weight 7.1 oz. [201g]
Package Length 7.5" [190mm]
Package Width 6.5" [165mm]
Package Height 0.75" [19mm]
Package Weight 7.2 oz. [204g]
Other USB-C to USB-C Connection
Designed with low resistance / gauge wiring for High-Wattage Charging