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We support all (4) new iPad Pro & Air tablets that came out - click on [BROWSE BY TABLET] in the upper left to find your enclosure & order now!

Are screen protectors necessary when using VidaMount tablet enclosures?

Are screen protectors necessary when using VidaMount tablet enclosures?

When setting up any tablet enclosure for use as a kiosk, digital signage, interactive display, or other use, one important consideration is protecting the tablet's screen from damage. VidaMount tablet enclosures are all designed to protect the edges of the tablet with plenty of material - so why isn't there a glass or other material covering the touch interface? Let's discuss why:

- Most tablets' screens are already made of Impact Resistant glass

Whether we are looking at an iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, or Microsoft Surface - the touchscreen's glass material is made of Corning Gorilla glass, a tempered type of glass with scratch and impact resistance. Gorilla glass is also harder than the metal used in keys, coins, and other common household metal objects - so it will operate and work just fine in normal usage conditions. While it is quite strong, the glass is NOT invulnerable / unbreakable - so if the goal is to protect the glass from damage, adding yet another "tempered glass" layer on top may not improve impact resistance in any meaningful way. Thus, 'hardness ratings' of advertised / promoted screen protectors can generally be ignored - since the tablet's built-in glass screen is already made of an extremely hard, impact-resistant material.

- ...but Impact Resistant Glass can scratch easily against certain materials

Despite its native, built-in hardness - the glass can be easily scratched by materials like fine grains of sand. Bottom line - impact resistance does not mean that a material is scratch resistant. Thus, if the goal is long term protection of the screen - we would generally recommend adding a thin (doesn't have to be thick), 'soft plastic' screen protector which is meant to get scratched / dinged - i.e. it would be acting as a sacrificial layer. Over time, as people use the tablet screen, and harder materials like diamond rings / wedding bands or sand rub up against the screen, the screen protector can be replaced as the plastic becomes visibly scratched enough to warrant a replacement.

The good news is - simple plastic screen protectors can be inexpensively added, usually at just $3-5/piece wholesale or $7-10/pc retail. While there are some products on the market that aggressively advertise "screen protection" at a higher cost - the simple fact is that the science doesn't support those claims. A low-cost, inexpensive plastic screen protector would do just fine, with the savings best kept in your pocket!

In terms of fit, almost any thin, plastic screen protector should work. Simply apply the screen protector onto the glass, then install the tablet into the VidaMount. Our VidaMounts fully expose the glass surface in the front, and only retain a minor, 1-2mm thin outer edge of the front bezel - allowing virtually any thin protector to work well.

Note: If a thicker, tempered glass material is installed - the entire iPad / tablet enclosure assembly with the protector on may not necessarily fit into the VidaMount due to the overall increased thickness of the tablet + screen protector. Reason: Our designs & parts tablet enclosures are precision CNC machined and cut, with the thickness of the tablet being slightly adjustable via rubber support bumpers behind the tablet. However, if the glass adds enough thickness, then the rubber support bumpers cannot properly deform and we can end up CRUSHING and DAMAGING the installed tablet. (...You've been warned!)

- Privacy, anti-glare, and other features / considerations

Beyond screen protection, there may be other reasons to add / use a screen protector along with your VidaMount, such as:

· For privacy - doctor/dental office data entry

As per HIPAA regulations here in the US and similar laws abroad, confidentiality is extremely important for patient data in the medical field. Thus, this is one instance where a 3rd party add-on for limiting the screen viewing angle would be useful. Like the above, privacy screens are generally quite thin, and can be sandwiched between the tablet and the front bezel of our VidaMounts - so there should be no fit / interference issues.

· Anti-glare - for better viewing

For setups where there are many overhead lights, such as at a retail environment, tradeshow/expo booths, etc. - having an anti-glare screen protector can significantly cut down on having an unreadable screen. Similar to other standard screen protectors, these pieces are usually thin and inexpensive. Simply install the screen protector onto the tablet first, then install the tablet into the VidaMount as normal!

· Anti-microbial - for cleanliness

Especially in today's germ-conscious environment, another consideration is keeping tablets and touch screen devices clean. To create a naturally anti-microbial surface, manufacturers embed silver directly into the touch surface, which has natural biocide properties. The screen protector automatically becomes anti-microbial, without requiring additional chemicals, fluids, and the like.


When considering a complete VidaMount tablet enclosure setup, add-ons like screen protectors may or may not be necessary. Depending on the end goal - whether it's additional impact resistance (which really isn't possible to achieve via adding screen protectors, sorry) or privacy / anti-glare (which can be easily done) - it's importance to recognize if said goals are obtainable, and not simply buy into clever marketing language.

Not quite sure if you need a screen protector in your next tablet based digital signage, kiosk, or interactive touchscreen setup? Give one of our experts a call at 844-4-KIOSKS / 516-499-5050, and we'd be happy to help separate fact from fiction, and make sure you can get the best possible VidaMount setup for your tablet!