24V VidaPower CAT5 Dual Port Injector (No Data / No Ethernet)

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Get power to where you need it without a PoE switch. (Power only. No Data / No Ethernet)
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Need to power your 24V VidaCharger CAT5/PoE-USB Power Adapter?
Don't have a 24V POE switch to provide power to your VidaCharger 24V PoE to USB Power Adapter? No Worries! Our VidaPower 24V CAT5 Power Injector is a great solution. Use this to inject a low voltage current into a standard CAT5 cable (we sell them too) to keep your VidaCharger 24V Power Adapter charging your USB device.
What's in the box
24V VidaPower CAT5 Dual Port Injector (No Data / No Ethernet)
CAT5 Ethernet Cable (Recommended), or
Speaker Wire, or
Any 2+ wire conductor

Additional Information

SKU/UPC VB00000001965
HS / Harmonized Code 850440
Net Length 3.3" [84mm]
Net Width 2.82" [72mm]
Net Height 1.86" [48mm]
Net Weight 3.4 oz. [96g]
Package Length 3.4" [87mm]
Package Width 2.82" [72mm]
Package Height 1.95" [50mm]
Package Weight 3.6 oz [103g]
Other Input: 100-240VAC Compatible
Output: 24VDC / Direct Current
US power plug built-in