We support all (4) new iPad Pro & Air tablets that came out - click on [BROWSE BY TABLET] in the upper left to find your enclosure & order now!
We support all (4) new iPad Pro & Air tablets that came out - click on [BROWSE BY TABLET] in the upper left to find your enclosure & order now!

48V VidaPower® DataCharger™ : 802.3bt CAT5 / PoE to USB-C Adapter (Power+Data) w. 16 inch USB-C Cable [Temporarily Discontinued]

Quick Overview

Convert CAT5/5e/6 from a 48VDC 802.3bt/at compliant PoE power source into a USB-C port w. wired Ethernet & charging power! Compatible with most iPads, Samsung Galaxy, & Microsoft Surface Tablets!

Length of Cable

Required (Unless you already have a 48V PoE++ 802.3bt Power Supply):

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Data-Pass Through via RJ45
VidaPower® DataCharger™ provides reliable, wired Ethernet data through the same powered USB-C port. Perfect for maximum reliability & uptime for your tablets & devices!
Wired Data
Plug and Play
Plug-N-Play Installation
Just plug in your PoE cable from a VidaPower® Ultra or other 802.3bt Injector / Switch , then your USB-C cable into the device... and that's it! No configuration required for most devices!
Sturdy, Solid Resin Construction
DataCharger™ features a rugged resin case with vents designed for heat dissipation, making the part extremely durable, while acting as a heatsink!
Plug and Play
High Reliability:
Especially after Power Outages!
Ever lose power and/or data on an existing adapter at odd times? Reason: Most PoE-USBC adapters don't reinitialize the "handshake" required for power + data when PoE power is lost - forcing you to manually disconnect the tablet's cable as the only 'fix'! Avoid service headaches with DataCharger's™ patent pending power monitoring design!
Compact : Fits into a 1-Gang US Box!
VidaPower® DataCharger™ fits perfectly into most common, US single-gang boxes, making it ideal for retrofit applications!
Up to 50W of USB-C Power
Enjoy reliable, steady charging power for everything - iPads, Galaxy Tabs, Surface Go/Pro tablets, or other USB-C devices!
Perfectly Pairs with
VidaPower® USB-C Cables
[Optional] Ideal w. our right-angle USB-C cables for the perfect fit inside of any VidaMount on-wall or VESA tablet enclosure!
Works only with CAT5/5e/6 cabling
For retrofit setups, CAT5/5e/6 wiring is required for the DataCharger™. Not compatible with CAT3 / 2-conductor / speaker wire cabling, sorry!
Option 1: 48V VidaPower® Ultra Injector
Only connecting (1) device? Kit the DataCharger™ with our 48V VidaPower® Ultra Injector, designed for 24/7/365 usage w. high power output!
Option 2: 48V VidaPower®
Ultra 4-Port Switch
Connecting (2) or more devices? Choose our VidaPower® Ultra 4-Port switch to provide power + data for up to (4) DataChargers™!
Not Compatible w. Standard PoE
Warning: Never use this device with a regular / standard PoE switch (limited to 15W)!
At best, your power source will overload / stop working - or you can DAMAGE your tablet / USB-C device!
Step by Step - With CAT5/5e/6
Locate a wall outlet (120-240V A/C) to your tablet mounting location - doesn't need to be nearby, can be up to 330' [100m] away. Plug in our VidaPower® Ultra Injector/Switch to the outlet, then connect a standard CAT/Ethernet cable to the appropriate port. Next, run the powered cable to your tablet location and connect it to the VidaPower® DataCharger™.

Finally, connect the USB-C cable into the DataCharger™, then run your charging cable to your device and voila - we've connected your device to an A/C outlet up to 330' away! You're good!
48V VidaPower® DataCharger™ Adapter Connection Example/Schematic
Designed in the USA
We design and engineer these pieces right here in Long Island, New York. We know your tablet setup / project incorporates hundreds or even thousands of dollars in time, software and hardware - so we thought it would be best to design and engineer the best protection for your display...right here in the USA!
48V VidaPower® DataCharger™ Adapter Dimensions
* Device accepts 48V PoE Ultra / 802.3bt CAT5 / PoE power and data, and outputs USB-C power and data.
What's in the box
VidaPower® DataCharger™ 48V USB-C Power Adapter
Installation Instructions
Wiring Requirements
CAT5/5e/6 Ethernet Cable only
Not Compatible with:
- CAT3 (4-6 Pin) Wire, [or]
- Speaker Wire, or
- Any 2-conductor Wire

Additional Information

Part Number VB_B_VPWR_DC_48V_ADPT_4
UPC 840014214877
HS / Harmonized Code 4202.92.9060
Supported Distance Up to 330' [100m] CAT5 cable length
Net Length 2.87" [73mm]
Net Width 1.81" [46mm]
Net Height 1.07" [28mm]
Net Weight 3.4 oz [96.3g]
Package Length 3.95" [100mm]
Package Width 2.17" [56mm]
Package Height 1.59" [41mm]
Package Weight 3.9 oz [110g]
Other Supports 48V 802.3bt Power-over-Ethernet / Power Sources
(Charging Power AND Wired Ethernet)

Up to 330' [100m] CAT5 cable length

Fits into most US single gang boxes