VidaMount Keyboard Tray Accessory for Fixed Floor Stand - White

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This VidaMount Keyboard Tray Accessory for Fixed Floor Stand replaces the VESA mounting / head portion of the VidaMount Fixed Floor Stand

(Keyboard Tray VESA Accessory only. Keyboard NOT included)

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Keyboard Trays are compatible with: Fixed Floor Stand
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Keyboard Usability
This keyboard tray allows you to transform your VidaMount Fixed Floor Stand into a dedicated sign in / workstation with keyboard functionality. This product is ideal for use with Microsoft Surface Pro and Surface Go Tablet setups. This allows for customers, guests, employees or whoever is accessing the floor stand to be able to use a keyboard with ease.
Keyboard Accessory
Wired or Wireless: Your Choice
Whether you prefer to use a wired or wireless keyboard, this accessory is for you. We've engineered the tray to have a designation wiring cut out on the back side. This would allow for routing of the keyboard wires through the back side of tray and into the backside of the VESA enclosure / into the tablet. Or skip the mess of wires and choose a wirelessly connected keyboard instead.
Wiring Cutout
VidaMount VidaBox Enclosures & Mounts are ADA Compliant
ADA Compliant Design
This VidaMount design meets ADA compliance:
For wall-mounting:
· Maximum protrusion from wall of 4" or less
· Height between 27" to 80" high
For free-standing, forward reaching setups:
· Unobstructed touch access between 15" to 48" high
· Obstructed (>20") touch access between 15" to 44" high
For free-standing, side reaching touchpanels:
· Unobstructed touch access between 34" to 48" high
· Obstructed (<24"/>10") touch access between 34" to 46" high
Choosing a Keyboard
Choosing the correct type of keyboard is important because not every keyboard will be compatible with this product. Mini or compact keyboards with a maximum depth of 5.2 inches will be the most compatible for this setup.
Maximum Depth
Securing the Keyboard
Securing the Keyboard
If security is a concern, there are some ways of securing the keyboard to the tray. We can use epoxies or permanent adhesives such as double sided tape to make sure the keyboard does not wonder off.
Dimensions Keyboard Tray Accessory
Keyboard Tray Accessory Dimensions
What's in the box
Keyboard Tray Accessory for Fixed Floor Stand
(4) M4 x 12mm Philiips countersink screws
(4) M4 x 18mm Pan Head screws (for mounting VESA enclosure)
Installation instructions [Download]

Additional Information

UPC 840014206131
HS / Harmonized Code 830249
Net Length 11.51" [292mm]
Net Width 13.98" [355mm]
Net Height 5" [127mm]
Net Weight ~5 pounds [2.27kg]
Package Length 15.25" [387mm]
Package Width 15.25" [387mm]
Package Height 5" [127mm]
Package Weight 5.5 lbs [2.5kg]
Other Compatible Only with the VB_VESA_FFS_WHT