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Mounts, +
PoE Chargers for:

· iPad
· Android tabs
· ...other tablets!

Complete solutions to:
· Enclose iPad, Android, + other tablets securely
· Mount them as displays, signage, kiosks
· Power them with 24/7/365 PoE chargers!

What are VidaBox Kiosks / Enclosures?
VidaBox Kiosks are secure iPad enclosures / Android Kiosks + PoE chargers, ideal for use in retail,
business, tradeshow exhibits, commercial, educational, residential, and other environments! Take
advantage of our color matching design services, plus a wide range of wall / surface mounts and floor
stands to create truly custom iPad enclosures or Android kiosks! With a wide range of colors +
theft-resistant designs, complete with PoE chargers for any iPad or tablet, these kiosks / enclosures are
perfect for light home use as touch controls, or heavy public use as digital signage, interactive displays,
Point-of-Sale (POS) systems, conference room reservation stations, guestbook/customer sign-ins, + more!
Click and learn more about our iPad enclosures, Android kiosks, + PoE Chargers solutions!

DVD / Blu-ray Movie Server

Any Blu-ray, any DVD, any zone, any time!

Learn about our Drop-n-Rip movie server:
· Whole house DVD / Blu-ray distribution
· 2-way metadata with automated controls
· ...and much more!

What's a VidaBox Media System / Movie Server?
A VidaBox DVD / Blu-ray Movie Server easily digitizes movie discs for easy playback of any title, in
any room, at any time! Simply insert a Blu-ray, DVD, or even CD disc into the Drop-n-Rip tray of the
movie server - and the disc is archived losslessly - complete with cover art, actor & actress details, plot
synopsis, and other rich metadata - making it the perfect additional for any home theater! This movie server
also offer full 2-way IP controls with Control4, Bitwise, RTI + other popular automation control systems.
Click and learn more about our DVD / Blu-ray movie server