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Latest News
· Want to see what's new with VidaBox and our latest product releases? Take a look here!

Choosing a Tablet / Device for your Kiosk setup
· Not sure which tablet to use with your setup, and needs some guidance? Start here!

Tips, Recommendations, & Best Practices on Various Tablet Mount Usage Scenarios
· Looking to build a tablet based kiosk, conference / meeting room display, digital signage, point of sale, or other interactive display? Read and learn more about how to choose the best types of VidaMounts to make your setup as seamless as possible

Pre-Purchase - Identifying your tablet, Special Glass Add-ons, Shipping Info, & More
· Ready to buy - but need help in confirming the exact iPad or Samsung Galaxy tablet model you have? Or, needing special add-ons to work with a unique glass mount or charging / power setup? Maybe you're outside of the US and have a question about international shipping? Answers are here!

Post-Purchase / Configuration / Installation Tips and Tricks
· Placed on order and need a tracking number? Or - already have your tablet & matching VidaMount enclosure in hand, and need some assistance in completing your installation? See our most commonly asked questions and their detailed answers here!

Modifications & Customizations : Create your very own iPad, Samsung Galaxy, Microsoft Surface, or Amazon Fire Tablet Mount!
· Like what you see on our website, but need something tweaked / customized? Do you have a non-supported tablet but like our mounting styles, or need to secure the "Easy Access" front face of our on-wall slim mount? See & learn how here!

Add-ons & Accessories for your tablet in our VidaMounts
· Needing to install additional accessories to complete your VidaMount setup, such as a Credit Card Reader, privacy screen filters, keyboard trays for your floor stand, and more? Click for more info!

Still need help with designing, customizing, installing, or setting up your iPad / tablet based kiosk? Give VidaBox a call at 844-4-KIOSKS / +1 516-499-5050 - and one of our experts would be happy to help to 'fill in the gaps' in your current project to make sure you are getting the best iPad / tablet mount solution possible for your setup!