VidaBox Reviews & Testimonials

VidaBox provides World-Class Products & Service - but don't just take our word for it. Read what our cheery customers and delighted dealers have to say!


VidaBox provides industry-leading, WORLD CLASS products & customer service. With average response times measured in minutes, you can feel safe in your entertainment investment. Whether it's night or day, on a weekend, or even on a holiday - regardless if you're in the Americas, Overseas, or in the ocean on a yacht - VidaBox is here for our dealers, integrators, and customers.

Sounds too good to be true? Read what our clients and dealers have to say since 2005!

Prompt Delivery & Amazing Support!

I would just like to express my gratitude to the VidaBox staff for your prompt delivery and amazing support of your products. As you know we had previously purchased another media server and the results of that experience could have cost us one of our largest clients! Thanks to you and your team we were able to quickly have a specified product designed and delivered on time. - Chris Larker of S3 Technologies (Cuyahoga Falls, OH) - Dealer since 2011 - [Read full review]

Vidabox is hands down the winner by a long shot
I spent weeks researching a Blu-Ray compatible Media Server and had narrowed it down to three – Kaleidescape, Mozaex and VidaBox. I instantly eliminated Kaliedescape due to the fact that it required the physical disc for play back. I decided to go with VidaBox and I have never been so happy about a decision I have made." - Eric F., End Customer (Fort Lauderdale, FL) - [Read full review]

VidaBox ... has met and exceeded our expectations

"I have to say that VidaBox as a product and the support from their staff - particularly Steven - has met and exceeded our expectations. We integrated this system with a full house A/V system and a local theater with a RackServerV2 plus three RackClientV3 Media Extenders." - By Mark Hagger of Residential Media Designs (Castle Rock, CO) - Dealer since 2011 - [Read full review]

Perfect Yacht Setup w. VidaBox Global Assist

"The crew, owners, guests and myself have been testing the system for the past year. I confirm it has been an excellent choice. The new Vidabox equipment greatly simplified and integrated well with our audio video system" - J Guy D. Fraser, Master SY ... Is a Rose Yacht. Installed since 2008 - [Read full review]


"I absolutely love the Vidabox solution"
"I have been a Vidabox customer since 2011 and have multiple servers and clients. My entire house (16 zones) is integrated with VidaBox doing both music and movies to every zone." - Kevin Painter, End Customer (Green Bay area, WI) Since 2011 - [Read full review]


VidaBox: "One of my Top 3 Vendors for Support"
"We purchased the equipment from Vidabox and just kept being impressed with the quality and constant support and ease of contacting support with even the simplest questions." - Jasen Chandler, President: Fuziontec. Dealer since 2008 - [Read full review]


"Wouldn't sell Servers if it wasn’t for VidaBox"
"My client could not believe our ability to respond so immediately to resolve the problem during a (Christmas) holiday, on a weekend night and from 1000+ miles away" - Bert Herrero, President - First Priority Audio & Automation. Dealer since 2008 - [Read full review]

"VidaBox - Loyal, proactive, devoted."
"Late night emails that were responded to usually within an hour, even on weekends. Phone & remote support all hours of the day, and yes, even on weekends...I wish EVERY manufacture was like this!" - Chris Purser, President - Autogy, Inc. Since 2008 - [Read full review]


"The Finest Example of Technical Support"
"There were calls to Steven on Saturdays while on site that were answered on the second ring, e-mails that were returned on Sundays (even when the NFL was in full season)" - Dale Lee, President - Digital Digs, Bermuda. Dealer since 2008 - [Read full review]

"ProActive: Live Remote Support in MINUTES"
"I’m not a computer person, I’m a movie watcher. All I wanted to do is buy a Media Center, archive my movies and that’s it. If I [had] any issues, the VidaBox team can log in remotely, and been able to help me within minutes!" Anthony C., Customer since 2010 - [Read full review]


"My LUX: Trouble-free since 2007!"
"As an owner of a VidaBox LUX since 2007, I had no trouble using my system...[Any] time I had a problem and asked VidaBox about it, someone always answered me quickly with a solution!" Jimmy T., Customer since 2007 - [Read full review]


"The VidaBox's been a dream come true for us!"
"The only trouble I ever had was friends not wanting to leave our house so they can enjoy our media server more! All in all, the Vidabox has been a dream come true for us! We are actually building our dream home around it..." Jayvon C., Customer since 2008 - [Read full review]

"VidaBox: Absolutely what you want at home"
"The customer service is second to none, not only do they always solve the issue at hand, their response time is almost immediate. There was an instance when I issue on a Friday night at 11:00pm and literally within 5 minutes.. [they] immediately began to solve the problem" Peter D., Customer since 2010 - [Read full review]


"Movies, Pictures and music in one place"
"I have used VidaBox [Media Systems] for more than 2 years and I would like to let you know how much my family and I have enjoyed the system.  VidaBox has allowed us to have all our collection of movies, pictures and  music in one place, easy to access it from the comfort of the recliner using the remote control. What can be easier and more pleasant than that ?!" Mihai C., Customer since 2009

"Movies, Pictures and music in one place"
"What can I say about Vidabox and their awesome range of products? Anything of this calibre has to be backed up with flawless support, Vidabox leave the others in a wake of gobbledygook." - Jai Turner, Principal - Paja Solutions. Dealer since 2008