Museums, Galleries & Exhibits

Museums, galleries and exhibitors around the world are constantly being challenged to find new ways to bring new patrons, keep visitors engaged, and build a more interactive, informative, and rewarding experience for their guests.

Enter : The Tablet.

Whether it's based on iOS (iPad), Android (Samsung, etc.), or Windows (Microsoft Surface, Dell, etc.) - today’s technology can shed new life on what was once a single sided exhibit. Today’s exhibitors are adding wall mount, table mount or free-standing kiosks to many (if not all) of their spaces everyday, to bring forward just some of the following benefits:

  • True Multi-lingual Experience – The exhibit goer can choose his or her language with ease, without taking up valuable exhibit space. Bring more guests through the door, by marketing what digital displays can offer.

  • Customized, Dynamic Electronic Brochures – Update as needed in real-time, show floor maps and update the information with ease!

  • Digital Signage – Ease transitions for newly released exhibits or limited time engagements, or offer interactive calendars of upcoming events. Improve sales of yearly memberships.

  • Surveys and Guest Experience Analytics – Ease of use, overall better for data entry and compiling results, to help you design a better experience tomorrow.

  • Video & Audio – How an article / it was made, transported, discovered, etc. Immerse the visitor into the entire experience.

  • Enclosures, Mounts and Power Options
  • iOS, Android, & Windows Tablets Supported
  • Premium Materials Means Premium Quality
  • Customizations Including Logos, Colors and Materials
  • We Provide Solutions, Not Just Products
  • Industry Specialists with Years of Experience

With our commercial grade construction, top quality materials, solid security, and superior craftsmanship, a VidaBox enclosure, mount, or entire digital information system will deliver years of worry-free, reliable and stylish use. We can also create customized frames and enclosures to push your branding even farther. With the help of our award winning software partners we can also provide custom programs and applications for the iOS and Android platforms, tailor-made to the needs of your organization – partner with us today to learn more!