Business & Meeting Rooms

Businesses need to share information everyday... it's at the core of being "IN" business! Its time to join the hundreds of thousands of businesses that create and deploy tablets to get your message across like never before! With the proper software, combined with a VidaBox tablet mounting solution, your message is sure to be read!

Let us help you place your tablet driven message where you need it, securely, and ergonomically for the best results possible. Bring the power of tablet driven messaging where you want it, securely and ergonomically, let VidaBox show you the best way to display your digital deployment:

  • Provide Multi-lingual Support for Your Organization – Make compliance and communication with employees and clients easier and user-friendlier than ever before.

  • Customized, Dynamic Electronic Brochures – Sell your product! New product launches, product updates and promotions are a natural for digital signage. Be sure your message is placed where you want it with VidaBox.

  • Digital Signage – Trade shows? Product demonstrations? Retail promotions? Launch events? Training centers? The possibilities are never ending.

  • Questionnaires and capturing customer experiences in real time?  You need a VitaBox mounting solution to help keep the tablet where it needs to be!

  • Video & Audio – What better way to get your products offered than with streaming audio and video? Make your products and offering come alive!
  • VidaBox tablet mounting systems - We offer enclosure, mounting and power solutions for your tablet project!

  • Place digital signage virtually anywhere to provide dynamic content, great for all types of businesses.

  • Provide information in any location necessary - Company directories, directions, events, schedules and more.

  • Need a mount for your conference room scheduling software?
    Place your employee tablet driven time clock, or training kiosk, safe and secure.

With our commercial grade construction, top quality materials, solid security, and superior craftsmanship, a VidaBox enclosuremount, or entire digital information system will deliver years of worry-free, reliable and stylish use.

We can also create 
customized frames and enclosures to push your company's branding even farther. With the help of our award winning software partners we can also provide custom programs and applications for the iOS and Android platforms, tailor-made to the needs of your organization – partner with us today to learn more!