VidaMount 12.9-inch iPad Pro 1st/2nd Gen Black Home Button Covered Enclosure w. Fixed Tilted 15° Desk / Surface Mount

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Compatible with model(s): A1671, A1670, A1584, A1652
NOT Compatible with model(s):3rd Gen iPad Pro 12.9"

Converts any iPad Pro 12.9" (1st / 2nd Gen) into a fixed tilted 15° touch panel display. This portable free standing kiosk can mount or stand onto a table, desk and counter tops. Designed with a kensington security lock slot for extra security if needed.

Colors available
Black   Light Grey   White

Home Button
Covered      Exposed
     Covered      OR     Exposed

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15° Fixed Tilted Desk / Table Top Mount
The 15° Fixed Tilted Desk / Table Top Mount is at the optimal angle for kiosk engagement. When using on a table, desk, countertop or surface, the 15° of tilt is great for allowing a comfortable angle for kiosk interaction. Easily mounts to a surface such as a table, counter or desk top for additional security. This mount is free standing and balanced - no screws are required for a portable / easily movable surface configuration.
15° Fixed Tilted Surface Mount
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iPad Tablet Enclosure Exploded
iPad / Android Tablet Enclosure
Our VidaMount VESA Tablet Enclosures are engineered like no other enclosure on the market today. With attention to details like a mic hole, speaker grill, interior pads for tablet protection, and a power button service knockout. Our enclosure fully wraps your iPad or Android tablet for ultimate protection and theft prevention.
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A Portable and Versatile Combo
The VidaMount Fixed Tilted 15° iPad / Tablet Surface Mount is the perfectly angled kiosk for users. We can install this kiosk on top of a decora style -electrical outlet for a more permanent set up if needed. This allows for the use of in place power terminals and the powering components which come with the tablet.

When surface mounting is the preferred application - we can use this mount as a sleek table, counter and desk top mount. Securing or screwing the mount to the table surface is only an option as it can also be used as a freestanding tablet kiosk. The additional Kensington lock makes certain that the kiosk is secure. This Tablet Kiosk has so many options - truly one of the most versatile and portable kiosk set-ups we ever had.
VESA Desk Top Stand Front View Zoomed
Perfectly Angled
Perfectly Angled
The 15° Fixed Tilted Desk / Surface Mount is at the optimal angle for kiosk engagement. If mounted or freestanding on a desk, counter or table top - the tilt allows customers, clients and people to have a comfortable angle for ease of tablet use.
Non-Slip Base
When installed, the non-slip pads / bumpers located on the bottom of the Fixed Tilted Surface Mount allows for stability, portability and wire management - all at the same time. These provide balance and strength for users of all kinds - especially video conferencing users. No slipping or moving allows for ease of interaction for all users.
Non-Slip Base - Fixed Tilted Surface Mount
Decora Outlet Overlay
Want to use an already existing electrical outlet to power a tablet? Our 15° Fixed Tilted Desk / Surface Mount can be installed over the top of a decora style or GFCI outlet - taking the place of the faceplate. Simply remove the face plate and loosen the screws for the outlet. Then use the keyhole design pattern on the mounting plate to fit over the outlet. Next tighten the screws for a finished and polished installation.
Decora Outlet Overlay
VESA 100-75 Compatible Tilting Wall Mount
Portable and Freestanding
This well balanced portable kiosk is ready to use with minimal set up. Due to the freestanding design, we can use the VidaMount Fixed Tilted 15° Surface Mount simply by placing it onto a flat surface such as a countertop, desk or table. This allows for easy portability and movement when needed.
Wire Management
Need to fit a plugged in tablet's AC adapter / "power brick" within a kiosk? Storing and hiding powering components of the tablet is easy with our 15° Fixed Tilted Desk / Surface Mount. There is more than enough room to plug the tablet's powering components into an overlaid outlet - if additional room is need, use the included 1ft extension cable for a better wiring configuration. Also PoE and other adapters can be kept out of site inside this mounts roomy storage chamber.

With through holes on both the bottom and VESA plates in its design, we can easily pass cables from our mounted VESA ready device. No need to make additional cut outs or punch additional holes when using our VidaMount enclosures!
VESA 100-75 Compatible Surface Mount
Fixed Tilted Surface Mount Kensington Lock
Theft Prevention
The 15° Fixed Tilted Desk / Surface Mount includes a Kensington Security Slot that is compatible with any Kensington laptop security lock and cable system. Using a Kensington lock allows the mount to be secured on a table / desk top with the ability of free movement. No need to screw or secure the kiosk into the surface!
Cable Management
We thought of everything, from fitting your Lightning or USB power cables, to a perfectly sized opening for your 3.5mm headphone jack and cord (including some add-on credit card readers). Our enclosure was designed to fit your needs.
Camera / Home Button

Covered OR Exposed

"To cover, or not to cover?" that is the question. If you are running an application which is best left alone, consider selecting the Camera / Home Button Covered model to keep pushy fingers away from the iPad home button and your application.
Power Button Access
Our unique enclosure design provides a choice between open or limited power button access. As shipped, the enclosure covers the power button - removing the ability for a user's finger to access the tablet's power button. A tiny thru hole still provides the ability to actuate the power button using a paper clip or other tool. Alternatively - for free, unfettered power button access, the cover is removable as needed!
VidaMount VidaBox Enclosures & Mounts are ADA Compliant
ADA Compliant Design
This VidaMount design meets ADA compliance:
For wall-mounting:
· Maximum protrusion from wall of 4" or less
· Height between 27" to 80" high
For free-standing, forward reaching setups:
· Unobstructed touch access between 15" to 48" high
· Obstructed (>20") touch access between 15" to 44" high
For free-standing, side reaching touchpanels:
· Unobstructed touch access between 34" to 48" high
· Obstructed (<24"/>10") touch access between 34" to 46" high
Portrait or Landscape
Sometimes, certain apps such as meeting room scheduling or reservation software are locked to a landscape orientation. Maybe the time card or "check in" app we're using is designed for a portrait view. No worries! Our iPad Tablet VESA enclosures can be mounted to its VESA bracket in either a portrait or landscape orientation.
Keep the Tablet Charged!
Locate a wall outlet [1] up to 330' (100m) away. Plug in our VidaPower® PoE++ Injector [Option A] or our VidaPower® PoE++ Switch [Option B] to the outlet, and [2] connect a standard CAT/Ethernet cable to the appropriate port.

Next, run the powered PoE/CAT5/5e/6 cable to your tablet location [3] and connect it to the 48V VidaPower® DataCharger™ [International Only] or 48V VidaCharger™ Ultra [USA Only].

Finally, plug your VidaPower® High-Wattage USB-C Charging Cables to the USB-C port of the Adapter, connect your charging cable to your device [4] - and voila - we've connected wired power / data ! You're good!
48V VidaPower® DataCharger™ Connection Example/Schematic
Optional Security Screw Kit provides (7) Pin-in-Hex Socket Cap Screws
Optional Security Screw Kit
Our tamper-proof screw kit helps keep your tablet set up safe and secure, by changing the screws on the enclosure from Phillips to tamper-proof heads.
Customize It!
From company logos to fancy wood finishes, or glossy highlights to embossing - our durable customizations help blend any enclosure into your home or office, or enhance branding for your business. Add this affordable option to truly make these enclosures your own! Click here to learn how to customize your own unique enclosure! (Minimums apply. Ideal for projects with 100+ enclosures - Contact Us for details!)
Dimensions 15° Fixed Tilted VESA Desk / Surface Mount
Fixed Tilted VESA Desk / Surface Mount - 15°
Dimensions Desktop Bumper / Feet Kit
Fixed Tilted Desktop Bumper / Feet Kit
Dimensions Enclosure
1st / 2nd Gen 12.9-inch iPad Pro
VidaMount VESA Enclosure 1st / 2nd Gen iPad Pro 12.9 Dimensions
What's in the box
Screw Set Bag
[Set A](4) #6-32 x 1-inch Phillips Pan Head Screws
[Set B](2) M3.5 x 25 Phillips Pan Head Screws
[Set B](2) M4 Washers
[Set C](4) M4 x 8 Phillips Pan Head Screws
[Set D](2) M4 x 10 Philips Countersink Head Screws
[Set E](4) M5 x 35 Philips Pan Head Wood Screws
[Set E](4) M7 x 35 Drywall Anchor
9" US Extension Cord
(For Decora Outlet Overlay, US-Only)
iPad / Tablet Enclosure Installation instructions [Download]
Fixed Tilted VESA Desk / Surface Mount - 15° Installation instructions [Download]
CAD Model
3D STEP file of VidaMount Vesa iPad / Tablet Enclosure [Download]
3D STEP file of Fixed Tilted VESA Desk / Surface Mount - 15° [Download]

Additional Information

UPC 840014200931
HS / Harmonized Code 4202.92.9060
Supported Distance N/A
Net Length 14.04" [356.5mm]
Net Width 10.69" [271.4mm]
Net Height 3.27" [83.1mm]
Net Weight ~4.5 pounds [2.041kg]
Package Length 18" [457.2mm]
Package Width 11.3" [287mm]
Package Height 4" [102mm]
Package Weight 5 pounds [2.268kg]
Other Color: Black
With Home Button Covered