48V PoE+ to USB-C w/ Data Adapter: Data and Power

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Convert a 48VDC powered, 802.3at/bt compliant PoE power source into a USB-C port, to plug-in & power your USB-C device. Also allows data to pas through the USB-C port an into your tablet. Will require a USB-C to USB-C cable.
  • 16 in (400mm) USB-C to USB-C 90 Degree Cable - +$16.49
  • 5 ft (1500mm) USB-C to USB-C 90 Degree Cable - +$16.49
  • 10 ft (3000mm) USB-C to USB-C 90 Degree Cable - +$21.99
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Plug-N-Play Installation
Just plug in your PoE cable from our VidaPower Ultra Injector or other 802.3at/bt compatible switch, then connect your USB-C cable - that's it! No configuration required!
Up to 25W of USB-C Power
Enjoy reliable, steady charging power and data for your Samsung Galaxy Tab or Microsoft Surface tablets! (Sorry, iPads not fully supported at this time)
[See supported devices discussion here]
Open Build For Heat Removal
The AT-USBC-JB features a unique, open design to minimize heat build up, but allowing excess warmth to be convected directly into ambient air as quickly as possible! As well, there are ventilation holes located on the back side for additionl cooling capability.
Perfectly Pairs with VidaPower USB-C Cables
Ideal w. our right-angle USB-C cables for the perfect fit inside of any VidaMount on-wall or VESA tablet enclosure!
Data-Pass Through via native USB-C
The AT-USBC-JB provides wired 10/100 Mbps Ethernet through the same USB-C port that power is being outputted, allowing both charging power + data to be available via a single USB-C connection.
Step by Step - With CAT5/5e/6
Locate the nearest wall outlet (120-240V A/C) to your tablet mounting location. Plug in our VidaPower Ultra Injector to the outlet, and connect a standard CAT/Ethernet cable to the appropriate port. Next, run the powered cable to your tablet location (Supports up to 375' [115m] w. CAT5/5e/6) and connect it to the AT-USBC-JB.

Finally, connect the USB-C cable into the AT-USBC-JB, then run your charging cable to your device and voila - we've connected your device to an A/C outlet up to 330' away! You're good!
48V PoE+ to USB-C w/ Data Adapter Connection Example/Schematic
48V PoE+ to USB-C w/ Data Adapter Dimensions
What's in the box
48V PoE+ to USB-C Adapter: Data and Power
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Additional Information

SKU/UPC VB00000002721
HS / Harmonized Code 8504.40.7001
Net Length 1.72" [43.8mm]
Net Width 1.40" [35.6mm]
Net Height 2.25" [24mm]
Net Weight ~1.75 oz [50g]
Package Length 5.75" [146mm]
Package Width 3.5" [89mm]
Package Height 1.5" [38mm]
Package Weight 2.5 oz [71g]
Other Supports 48V 802.3at Power-over-Ethernet / Power Sources
(Charging Power + Data / Ethernet)

Up to 375' [115m] CAT5 cable length

Ideal for:
Samsung Tablets
Microsoft Surface