We support all (4) new iPad Pro & Air tablets that came out - click on [BROWSE BY TABLET] in the upper left to find your enclosure & order now!
We support all (4) new iPad Pro & Air tablets that came out - click on [BROWSE BY TABLET] in the upper left to find your enclosure & order now!

Great News! The Surface Pro X Can Be Used with Existing Surface Pro 8 VidaMounts!

New, Fully Compatible Design Coming Soon

Due to popular demand, VidaBox will be offering an updated enclosure design in mid-late June 2022 that is fully compatible with the Microsoft Surface Pro X (2019)! In the meantime, for IMMEDIATE Surface Pro X compatibility we can use the existing Surface Pro 8 enclosure with one caveat: There is not enough room in the cable management channel for both USB-C ports to be used at the same time. See the images below.

While either USB-C port can be used, there is not enough room to accommodate two cable heads. Plugging in one cable will block the other port.

As shown, there isn't enough room to plug in two USB-C cables or accessories. Except for this one constraint, all other access holes and knockouts on the current design are perfectly lined up with the corresponding physical features on the Pro X, making the power button, volume button, and cameras fully accessible TODAY! For FULL compatibility, we'll be updating the existing Surface Pro 8 design in late June to allow both USB-C port to be accessible simultaneously. New enclosures made after then will fit both Surface Pro 8 and Pro X models without any limitations!

How does this work?

The Surface Pro X and Surface Pro 8 models have very similar dimensions. For this reason, the Surface Pro X can already physically fit inside our existing enclosures for the Surface Pro 8. However, our VidaBox Tablet Enclosures are custom fit to more than just the length and width of each tablet model. We also make sure every aux feature is fully accessible as well, including USB-C ports. We are updating our design and making both ports accessible to maintain this quality standard. If you only need one USB-C port for your setup, then no worries - you can use the current design without issue! On the other hand, if you need to access both ports, see our recommendations bellow that will allow you to connect multiple USB-C devices while using the existing Surface Pro 8-based design!

Method 1 [Remove Material + Direct Connect]

VidaBox Tablet Enclosures are made out of an HDPE resin. This material can be easily modified using woodworking tools like a dremel or a chisel. If both USB-C ports are needed, you can remove excess material to widen the cable management channel. Simply trace the red line in the picture below.

With this method, you would create enough space to have simultaneous access to both USB-C ports on your Surface X.

Method 2 [Use an External USB-C hub]

Not comfortable with the DIY approach but need to plug in multiple accessories to your Surface Pro X ASAP? We recommend using a powered USB hub. There are built in cable management options on every VidaMount bracket or stand that will accommodate a USB hub and give you the flexibility to use any card reader, printer, or other device your unique application may need. See our recommended USB-C hub linked at the bottom of our blog post How to: Setup Surface Go / Pro w. Microsoft DOCK - Cable Routing / Fitting Solution! here.


Our updated Surface Pro 8 / Pro X ready enclosure will be releasing in mid-late June 2022. This design will have more space around the USB ports, making it compatible with either the Pro 8 or the Pro X right out of the box. Whether you wait for our new design, or customize the existing enclosure with one of the methods above, we are excited to welcome the Surface Pro X to our ever expanding list of supported devices!

You can order any Surface Pro 8 wall mount, glass mount, desk stand, or floor stand here. All of these products will fit your Surface Pro X and give you enough room to plug in one USB charging cable or hub.