On-Wall Slim VidaMounts: Tablet Wall Mounts w. clear audio controls for Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant

Looking for a sleek, slim, beautiful looking tablet wall mount with full audio assistant support like Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant, and others - but it can't have ugly looking holes for sound on the front surfaces?

Then we have good news! Our latest VidaMount on-wall slim tablet mounts are all built with our exclusive, patent-pending audio wave guide technology, which allows the front face of the tablet to have a solid, clean looking surface for aesthetics, while still:

1. Isolating and directing sounds coming from the tablet away from the microphone and out into the ambient surroundings, while...

2. Providing a clear, unobstructed audio pathway into the device's microphone port.

The combination of these (2) features allows our VidaMounts to turn the latest tablets into visually pleasing, clean looking touch panel displays - complete with fully functional, audio-based controls - without the need of unsightly gaps grilles, or holes on exposed surfaces! This is cleverly done by building in a series of precision cut edges on the front face plate - see how this works on all iOS / iPad, Amazon Fire, and Galaxy Tab tablet enclosures below. The highlighted sections show where the patent cut outs are, matching the tablet that's mounted inside!

· On Apple iPads:

· On Samsung Galaxy Tab tablets:

· On Amazon Fire Tab tablets:

These features are currently supported on the following models:

Amazon Fire VidaMounts for:

Apple iPad VidaMounts for:

Samsung Galaxy Tab VidaMounts for:

All late model 2020 and future iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, and Amazon Fire tablet VidaMounts are expected to support the same features!