VidaBox 2022 Q2 Price Increase - Effective Sunday, May 1st

To our VidaBox clients, customers, & others,
5-10% Price Increase, effective May 1, 2022

Effective May 1st, VidaBox will be implementing a price increase across all products, as follows:

- 5% on VidaMount tablet enclosures (VB_OWL and VB_VESA series)
- 10% on VidaMount VESA ready brackets & stands (VB_VESA_MNT and VB_VESA_FFS series)
There will be no price increases for VidaChargers, VidaPower injectors / cables, or other 3rd party PoE products.

What if I already have a quote?

Orders placed before Sunday, May 1st will have their original pricing honored.

Quotations and pricing for products quoted before Sunday, May 1st, will be honored for 30 days. If a quotation was issued on or after May 1st with the old pricing, said pricing will remain valid only for 7 calendar days.

Why is there a price increase announce?

Our last price increase was in March 2021. Since then - additional, significant material and freight cost increases have occurred. While we've been effective in managing and minimizing the impact of these cost increases with our raw material suppliers, we've now reached the point where we must, once again, pass along these costs, to ensure that quality isn't sacrificed in an effort to keep costs down.

Are there any discounts available to offset this increase?

To aid in this transition period, starting on May 1st, we will be offering a temporary, 5% discount off listed retail prices with Volume Code:

- 2022Q2

[Volume Code is NOT ACTIVE until Sunday, May 1st, 2022, 12:00am EDT]

This Volume Code is valid until May 31st, 11:59 EDT, and cannot be combined with nor does it stack with any other reseller discounts, promotions, or deals.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us. Thank you for your understanding, patience, and loyalty during this time.

VidaBox LLC
Date: Wed, April 20, 2022