OpenSqueeze Solo

Quick Overview

Play / Stream music from stored or online streaming services over wired / WiFi connections.

· Add multiple units for multiple streams, or synchronize playback
· Two-way drivers for all popular control systems
· Free, two-way iOS / Android Apps, or control from any browser
· IMPORTANT: Requires a Logitech Media Server on the network
  Unit does not operate by itself.  Download FREE for Win/Mac/

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Part Number VB_OS_SOLO
SKU/UPC VB7811466848423
UPC 855706005213
HS / Harmonized Code 8519.81.3020
Video Output None
Audio Output 3.5mm analog audio output
3D Support No
Video Upscaling No
Optical Disc Formats No
Blu-ray Playback No
Video Codecs No
Video File Formats No
Video Output Modes No
Audio Codecs No
Audio File Formats FLAC, iTunes / AAC / AIFF / Apple Lossless, MP3, Ogg Vorbis (OGG), Wave (WAV)
HD Audio Support 96kHz / 24-bit HD Audio
Subtitle Formats No
Control Option IP via iOS / Android Apps, third-party control systems
Ethernet 10/100M Ethernet
Power Input 5V, 2A (100-240V DC adapter included)
Power Consumption (Nominal) 1.5 - 2 W
Power Consumption (Maximum) 3W
Length 4.25" [108mm]
Width 2.9" [74mm]
Height 1.2" [31mm]
Weight 0.25 lb [115g]
Package Length 7" [17cm]
Package Width 5" [12cm]
Package Height 3" [8cm]
Package Weight 1 lb [.45kg]
Other Powered by Community Squeeze - See website for Source Code / Software Repository:


Why Choose OpenSqueeze Solo?

VidaBox's OpenSqueeze Solo is the perfect single or multi-room networked music player. An ideal replacement for Logitech's® discontinued line of SqueezeBox players, OpenSqueeze players tie into any Logitech Media Server (LMS) install, and can work over wired or wireless networks, plus stream music from stored content or online streaming services - ranging from Pandora,, Live365, or MOG paid subscription services, or tons of other free streams! Powered over open-source SqueezeBox software, it's fully 2-way compatible with control systems like RTI, Elan, AMX, Savant, URC, Bitwise, and more via the SqueezeBox driver.

See below for a comparison of the SqueezeBox® vs. OpenSqueeze's music services!


VidaBox OpenSqueeze - Feature Highlights

Seamlessly integrates with VidaBox Media NAS for easy configuration ...
OpenSqueeze Solo (OSS) connects to a Media NAS over the network, via the pre-installed, optimially configured SqueezeCenter software for easy setup! Complete any install in minutes!
... Or, configure "bring your own PC" with SqueezeServer software
For DIYers & hobbists, the OSS also connects to any PC with SqueezeCenter software properly configured! Openly customize a unique multiroom audio setup - start here:
Enjoy stored music or the most popular streaming services - just a click away!
Listen to favorite hits from FLAC, iTunes, & more stored on the Media NAS, or stream online providers like MOG*, Pandora*,*, and tons of other free internet radio services!
Control with free iOS / Android apps, or via web browser
Install the free "SqueezeBox" app for control - it's fully compatible with OpenSqueeze Solo, allowing total control of any stream, any time! Or - control the setup from any web browser!
Synchronize for easy multi-zone audio
Enjoy individual music streams, or listen to the same song throughout multiroom rooms with easy synchronization! Perfect for parties and other whole house events!
Full 2-way communication with popular Control Systems
Integrate OpenSqueeze Solo : it's fully compatible with the SqueezeBox drivers available with Control4, RTI, URC, AMX, Elan, Savant, Bitwise, & other control systems!
Works over wired or wireless / WiFi networks**
Can't pull new wires? No problem - add any RJ45 WiFi adapter, and easily enable wireless streaming over reliable wiFi Networks! Perfect for retrofit projects!
Fully expandable - start with one, expand to many streams - at any time!
Start off with as little as one OpenSqueeze Solo, and grow any setup to a virtually unlimited number of streams. Enjoy the ultimate in flexibility and expand any project as needed!
Connects and works with any Speaker setup
OpenSqueeze Solo has a single 3.5mm pre-amplified line out, which can be run into any audio amplifier or powered speaker. Fully compatible with any speaker!
Ultra-low power usage - less than 3 Watts nominal
OpenSqueeze Solo is green and saves a ton of power, compared to conventional music players use. This helps minimize long term operating and ownership costs for maximum cost savings.
Compact & silent no moving parts - only 4.3" x 2.9" x 1.2"
OpenSqueeze Solo's embedded, miniature design requires no fans or active ventilation systems, allowing it to be stuffed anywhere! Perfect for any setup where space is a at a premium.
For Advanced Users: Standalone Mode Options^
Only looking for online streaming services, and don't need to play back stored music? OpenSqueeze Solos is custom configurable for advanced users to work as a standalone piece, without any Media NAS or other "Squeeze Server" install! Perfect for budget-sensitive installations.

* - Paid subscriptions required. ** - WiFi streaming will work in most cases. For all WiFi related inquiries and support, please contact your Network Administrator for best practices on optimizing or increasing WiFi strength to improve streaming performance. ^ - Standalone mode is not officially supported (no phone or email support), and recommended only for the most advanced users. A comprehensive understanding of networking is absolutely required for a successful setup. Logitech®, SqueezeBox® and any other trademarks are property of their respective owners.

Web Interfaces shown below are accessible once OpenSqueeze Solo units are connected to a VidaBox Media NAS, or other properly configured PC w. "SqueezeServer" Software

Browse for various Music Services

Browse for various Music Services - Pandora*, MOG*, SiriusXM*,*, Live365*, and Spotify** paid subscriptions,
or tons of other free streaming services

Select different rooms or streams with individual OpenSqueeze Solo units

Easily select different rooms or streams with individual OpenSqueeze Solo units

Synchronizing different OpenSqueeze players for multiroom audio is just a click away

Synchronizing different OpenSqueeze players for multiroom audio is just a click away

Spotify is accessible via a third-party plug-in : Easily get music on demand!

Spotify is accessible via a third-party plug-in : Easily get music on demand!

MOG is another option for on-demand music : Stream whatever you want, when you want it

MOG is another option for on-demand music : Stream whatever you want, when you want it

See how this OpenSqueeze Solo players work in a sample scenario!

1. Start w. a LiivNAS (recommended) or other PC
2. For each player, connect:
  - Audio-out to Amplifier input
  - Amplifier output to speakers
  - Ethernet w. CAT5 or WiFi
3. Control with web, iOS/Android apps, or
  with an automation system 4 Enjoy!

Mobile Interfaces shown below are available for FREE with the "SqueezeBox" app on any iOS or Android mobile device!

Widescreen tablet interfaces

Select OpenSqueeze Player

Select the zone / OpenSqueeze Player to be controlled

Select from a variety of music sources - both local and streaming

Select from a variety of music sources - both local and streaming

Pick music by Artist, Album, Genres, Years, etc.

Pick music by Artist, Album, Genres, Years, etc.

Browse the music collection by album

Browse the music collection by album!

Choose from a number of online streaming sources - all at your fingertips

Choose from a number of online streaming sources - all at your fingertips!

Narrow screen tablet interfaces


Select the Zone / OpenSqueeze Solo player

With "My Music" : Browse by Artists,
Albums, Genres, Years, and more

Or, choose "Albums instead" - and
browse for music by available albums

Choose "Years" - and browse for music by release year

Select "Random Mix" to mix things up for a surprise!

On the main menu, select "Internet Radio" to
access tons of free, streaming content

Pick "Local" to see what stations are
playing in the local broadcasting area

Choose "Talk" to see Talk show
topics and options available now

Pick "World," and enjoy music from anywhere in the world

..and it's just a click away

From the main menu, a general Search can also be done...

Tap on "My Apps" to directly access
online / streaming music services

Select "App Gallery" to see and
learn about new apps available

Back on the home page, one can also tap on settings...

Set the alarm as desired

Adjust audio settings

Change OpenSqueeze Solo's name / Zone name

Select a music source for this zone, such as "My Music"

Choose "Artists" from the previous screen - and see
a list of all the bands and musicians in the collection

Or, choose "Genres" - and browse for music by
your favorite type

Pick "New Music" - and see what's been added recently

Tap the cover art to reveal a slider, and
jump / skip to any point in the song

Choose "Staff Picks" and
see what others are listening to

Select Music, and then choose a
Genre / pick type of music

Tap on "Sports" and then see what
sports shows / games are on & available

Tap on Search to find the topic desired

Matching stations are listed as options see what matches across multiple services!

Choose Extras to see what plugins
are available (Image Browser, by default)

Or choose favorites to access stored selections across multiple "OpenSqueeze solo" installations!

To set alarms, sleep mode, synchronize zones, and more!

Set the time

Turn the player off automatically after certain conditions

Synchronize music to different rooms!

Learn more about the OpenSqueeze Solo!