LiivNAS-R24 with RAID6 [Custom*]

Quick Overview

The Ultimate, Massively Expandable, True RAID6 Protected Media NAS for Multi-room Setups

· Start w. 6TB of RAID storage - upgradeable up to 132TB
· Supports 25-40+ simultaneous AV streams
· Powerful, active cooling runs loud
  - Emits approx. 45-50 dBA of noise at 1m distance
· Optional 2-way movie metadata for Bitwise, C4, Crestron, RTI, more

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Why Choose LiivNAS R24?

LiivNAS R24 is the most highest performance system to store your movies and music with expandable storage plus genuine RAID6 protection.  With its Drop-n-Rip™ Blu-ray, DVD, & CD drive, easily archive titles in a single step, then stream the content to units like Dune HD players for video or SONOS for audio playback. Full 2-way Bitwise, Control4, Crestron, RTI movie metadata is available with optional drivers and compatibility upgrade! Compare and the best Media System that meets your needs below!


LiivNAS R24 Feature Highlights

Start with 6TB of storage for Blu-rays & DVDs!
LiivNAS R24 starts with 6TB of RAID1 protected storage included to store hundreds of movies, tons of songs, & more in a single system for fast, easy, convenient access anytime!
Expand onboard storage up to 132TB at any time!
Customize and fill all open drive bays to store millions of songs, tens of thousands of DVDs, or thousands of Blu-rays. Easily store your entire digital media library into one centralized location!
Genuine RAID protection with real, dedicated hardware + 24/7 array-monitoring
Enjoy world-class data protection with true RAID hardware and enterprise-level hard drives, backed up 24/7/365 array-monitoring services! No other system provides this level of protection & service at this price!
Compatible with LiivSTOR for easy storage expansion!
Running out of storage on your system? Add in the LiivSTOR to easily - and inexpensively - grow your storage over time! Set up cloning / replication software, and enjoy the same benefits as RAID!
LiivJACK support : Fast, multi-disc archiving
LiivNAS R24 includes full support for the LiivJACK, enabling you to quickly archive up to (5) new movies in a single run! Click on Media NAS Accessories to learn more!
Premium Hardware for Enhanced Performance!
LiivNAS R24 includes a dedicated, quad core processors to speed up system response times, lower archiving time, and provide an overall performance boost!
Natively Rackmount-ready for easy installation
LiivNAS R24 comes in a 5U rackmountable chassis, so it's ready to install seamlessly. Don't have a rack/don't want to rack mount it? No problem! The rack ears are removable in mere minutes!
For Video: Add Dune HD Media Players
Watch archived movies by adding Dune HD Media Players. Browse for titles via an easy-to-use on-screen TV interface, and enjoy it in full 1080p HD with up to 7.1 lossless surround sound! [Learn more]
Drop-n-Rip™ : Simple & Easy to Use
Archiving unencrypted discs has never been easier - just drop a disc in, & LiivNAS™ does the rest! Cover art & metadata is tagged while disc is archived!
For Audio: Sonos & C4 2-way Compatibility
Looking to add whole house music? Consider adding Sonos® to the LiivNAS™ to stream music, complete w. 2-way Control4 integration via. Extra Veg. drivers!
DualRip™ : Universal DVD/CD Playback
DualRip™ gives enhanced playback compatibility - the first archival is made losslessly bit-for-bit; a second copy is done in MP3/MPEG (music/DVD) for universal playback!
Optional C4/Crestron/RTI 2-way Feedback
Browse movies on your favorite Control4, Crestron, or RTI touchpanel by cover art, with rich metadata & info. Launch playback at a touch of a button!
Remote Management : Built-in
Need to check up on the LiivNAS™? No need to be onsite - easily log into the system through the internet to see system health, configure options, & more!
Malware Proof, "Black Box" Design
With no monitors, keyboards, or mice connected; a locked-out OS w. segregated O/S & storage drives, this "black box" design becomes ultra-reliable!
Supports 10+ (Up to 40) AV Streams
Stream 10+ (Up to 40*) feeds of movies and music! Enjoy 3D 1080p Blu-ray video, complete with HD lossless sound - all from a single box via CAT5e/6!
Expand anytime: Add more Servers
Need more storage? Add as many VidaBox NAS or Server units as needed - everything will seamlessly connect together for easy, limitless expansion - at any time!

Learn more about the complete feature set by [clicking here]!

Part Number VB_MN_LIIVNAS_R24
SKU/UPC VB9236661421824
HS / Harmonized Code 8471.49.0090
Optical Disk Drive (1) Blu-ray / DVD / CD Optical Drive
CPU / Processor Dedicated Dual Core Processor
Internal Storage 6TB Standard with True RAID Protection + Enterprise Level Hard Drives. Fully expandable at any time
Storage Upgrade Options Internally via:
  - Additional 6TB hard drive cartridges

External via:
  - LiivSTOR (Recommended limit of 2), or
    via additional Media NAS / Server units
RAID Protection Yes - RAID1 / RAID5 / RAID6
Ethernet (1) Gigabit 1000/100/10 LAN Port
USB (4) USB2.0 Ports + (2) USB3.0 Ports
PS/2 Port (1) Keyboard / Mouse Port
Video Output (1) VGA Port, (1) DVI Port, (1) HDMI (Service only; only 1 video output is active at any given time)
Operating System Windows Server 2011
Rack Mountable Yes
LiivJACK Support Yes
LiivSTORE Support Yes - (2) units maximum, with
recommended limit of 10 video streams
Video Streams (25-40+) maximum limit
Compatible Media Players
  • DuneHD
  • Mede8er Streamers
  • Netgear EVA
  • Sage TV
  • Popcorn Hour / Popbox
  • XBMC
Default Metadata
  • DuneHD
  • Popcorn Hour/Popbox
  • XBMC
SMB Sharing Support Standard shares include Music, Photos, Videos, & Movies
Control Option
  • Bitwise (See API Opening Info)
  • Control4 (See C4 driver kit)
  • Crestron (See Crestron driver kit)
  • RTI (See RTI driver kit)
Power Consumption (Nominal) 55W
Power Consumption (Maximum) 90W Peak
Power Input 100 – 240V ~ input 50 – 60Hz
Length 27" [686mm]
Width 19" Standard Rack Width
Height 5U / 8.75" [223mm]
Weight 65+ lbs [29.5+ kg]
Package Length 36" [915mm]
Package Width 24" [610mm]
Package Height 12" [305mm]
Package Weight 70+ lbs [31.8+ kg]
Other Heavy weight of unit requires shipment to be palletized

System DOES NOT require a TV / monitor to be connected for operation.
Unit does not provide an AV playback interface,
and is designed to operate / run as a "Black Box."

Note: The interface is designed for status / informational / diagnostic purposes, and only appear when using remote login (Remote Desktop/RDP, or LogMeIn) or via a local KVM (keyboard-video-mouse) set of connections. Multi-disc archivals only work when an optional LiivJACK is connected. Otherwise, disc archivals are done one-at-a-time.

Insert CDs and enjoy convenient Drop-n-Rip™ / DualRip™ archiving*!

Once complete, CDs are auto-ejected and ready for playback, complete cover art & rich metadata!

Place movie discs into the system, and they'll be archived* in the same, automated fashion.

Movies are available for immediate streaming / playback, with rich metadata ready for your control system as well!

See a list of available movies in the current collection

* - Multi-disc archiving shown works when optional LiivJACK accessory is connected. Without LiivJACK, discs are stored one-at-a-time. Out-of-the-box, the system only handles archiving of unencrypted titles. Music album and movie cover art, titles, and other metadata are the property of the respective copyright holders.

See how this system connects to various components. All wiring is CAT5/6 Ethernet.
[Click diagram to enlarge]