VidaFrame iPad 2, 3 or 4 Home Button Shield

Quick Overview

Restricts & locks down access of any iPad 2/3/4 to one single app : Fits VidaBox iPad frames

· Precision cut shield installs into VidaBox frames in seconds
· Available in black or white
· Made of high quality, reflective acrylic for a beautiful, glossy shine
· Includes maintenance hole for easy service
· Perfect in commercial / public environments

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Why Choose VidaBox iPad Home Button Shields?

Planning to use your iPad for digital signage, as a part of a kiosk, or interactive touch exhibit - and locking the iPad into one specific App is required? Our VidaBox iPad Frame* + Home Button Shield is the perfect fit! It prevents an iPad being used for any other purpose, making it perfect for public environments!


VidaBox iPad Frame - Feature Highlights

Secures and restricts access to the iPad Home Button
Combine this with any matching frame to lock down an iPad 2/3/4 for dedicated, fixed usage scenarios (Example: automation controls, digital signage, kiosks, interactive sales displays, and more)!
Made of high gloss acrylic & Matches any iPad perfectly
Precision, laser cut from premium acrylic, the home button shield matches the color, size, and finish of an iPad as closely as possible for a seamless fit. Available in black or white!
Slides right into the frame with an iPad for fast installation
Before inserting the iPad into frame, align this piece in front of the iPad, then slide both the iPad & the shield into the frame at the same time for a perfect fit! We couldn't have made this easier!
Includes service holes for Home Button to easily restart apps, camera, and light sensing
Unlike other mounting solutions that have Home Button blocking, the VidaBox iPad Home button shield includes the correct cutouts for camera usage, built-in light sensing, and most importantly - a service hole for the home button. Simply use a paper clip or other thin object to quickly administer and reconfigure your iPad in seconds!
Tamper-resistant Home Button Blocking design
Once installed, a VidaBox iPad frame with home button shield is safe and secure for public and general use. It cannot be removed without unmounting and disassembling the frame - which isn't possible without specific tools and know-how.
Made to Last
When properly installed, the iPad Home Button Shield will withstand years of continuous, non-stop use. By using only the finest, quality plastics combined with precision cutting, we've eliminated any potential for deformities and damage from normal usage.
Need to permanently restore access to the Home Button? Not a problem?
Equipment purposes can change, and with this home button shield design, restoring home button access is just minutes away. Dismount the frame, and remove the top edge - and easily slide out the shield! The iPad's home button is once again available for access.

* - VidaBox iPad frame sold separately. For use with iPad 2/3/4 only - does not work with iPad 1, iPad mini, or any other tablet.

SKU/UPC VB3648743407700
HS / Harmonized Code 3921.19.0000
Material Acrylic
Length 7.87" [200mm]
Width 5.3" [134mm]
Height .073" [2mm]
Weight 0.12 lb [57g]
Package Length 11.5" [290mm]
Package Width 9.0" [225mm]
Package Height 0.62" [16mm]
Package Weight 0.35 lb [162g]