HDMI to Component Video Converter

Quick Overview

Converts an HDMI signal to Component video in real-time. HDCP Compliant w. built-in EDIDs

· Easy, plug-n-play setup with any HDMI video source
· Tested compatible w. Apple TV3, Roku, Sat/Cable boxes, more
· Perfect for retrofit scenarios where component equipment exist
· Add 3.5mm to TOSLink adapter to get SPDIF audio out

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SKU/UPC VB1862344432033
UPC 855706005381
HS / Harmonized Code 8544.42.9000
Input Connector HDMI 1.2 Compliant
Works with HDMI 1.3, 1.4, and above sources
Video Output Component via:
- Y-Pb-Pr Outputs
- RGB Outputs
Video Output No
Audio Output Choose one:
- Analog via: 3.5mm stereo jack
- Digital via: TOSLink SPDIF output (Optional dapter required)
Video Upscaling None. Video resolution output will match the input.
Audio File Formats No
HD Audio Support No
Voltage Input (V) 5V (Via optional PSU)
Supported Distance No
Length 3" [76mm] (Main converter, without cables)
Width 1.63" [42mm] (Main converter, without cables)
Height .75" [19mm] (Main converter, without cables)
Weight 4.1 ounces [116g]
Package Length 8.75" [222mm]
Package Width 4.3" [109mm]
Package Height 2.3" [58mm]
Package Weight 12 ounces [340g]
Other Technical Specifications
· Data processor: 11 bit, 200 Mhz· Input: True HDMI
· Auto-image centering: For all modes
· Color depth upscaling: For all modes
· HDCP Compliant: Yes
· EDID settings: 1080p, 1080i, 720p


Why use this HDMI to Component Converter?

This HDMI to component converter allows any HDMI video source to be converted to component in live time, without the bulk and expense of larger video transcoders and scalers. Ideal for use with component matrix switching hardware and existing equipment without HDMI inputs, this converter is HDCP compliant and has built-in EDID banks to properly stablize all handshakes. Every unit is fully tested before shipping, totally eliminating worries or problems with DOAs and faulty units.


HDMI to Component Converter - Feature Highlights

Converts HDMI to Component in real time
Specifically designed for retrofit equipment, this converter simply and easily converts HDMI video sources into component in real time, without any lip sync / delay issues.
Fast, plug-n-play installation - Pre-tested at factory
Every unit shipped is tested against an HDMI video source to guarantee no DOAs with a plug-n-play installation! Just connect the cables - you're good to go in seconds!
Fully HDMI, HDCP, and EDID compatible
Unlike low-grade HDMI to component converters, this unit meets full HDCP compliance and has preloaded EDIDs to ensure full compatibility. Setup will be simple and painless - done in seconds!
Recommended: Set all 1080p sources to 1080i or 720p for compatibility
While this converter can handily convert all HD resolutions, most displays cannot process 1080p component video correctly. The solution: Set the video sources to either 1080i/720p before set up!
Enjoy Analog or Digital* outputs
This converter also separates the audio signal from HDMI, and converts it to basic L/R analog audio, or makes it available as TOSLink / SPDIF with the optional adapter!
Auto-centering & color depth upscaling for a clean, high quality picture
Low-cost HDMI to Component devices may have the poor video quality, and/or on-screen video misalignments. This converter's built-in auto-centering and color depth upscaling eliminates these issues.
Outputs video in YPbPr, or RGB formats
This converter is preset to YPbPr for a plug-n-play install, or flip the selectable switch to RGB and transmit video in RGBHV! Adjustable in seconds.**


* - Digital SPDIF optical audio output requires optional 3.5mm to TOSLink adapter, not included with base unit.
** - Requires a DB15 to RGBHV cable, not included with base unit.

See how this HDMI to Component Converter can work in various scenarios

1. Set the HDMI video source to 1080i, or 720p (recommended). Most TVs CANNOT accept 1080p on component inputs.
2. Connect the HDMI video source to the converter + Connect the included power supply.
3. Connect the Blue, Green, Red outputs into the TV or matrix switching system.
4. The playback sources are ready for use

HDMI to Component Video Converter